Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Freedom At Midnight Comments

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At the stroke of twelve; midnight
we earned freedom! Well! We did it!
We waited, waited, waited, waited
we waited not just six hours for dawn,


Sathya Narayana
Sachidananda Panda 17 August 2020

" At the stroke of twelve; midnight we earned freedom! Well! We did it! We waited, waited, waited, waited we waited not just six hours for dawn, but alas for sixty-five years in vain." Loved the stanza... and am reminded of the grueling past that tormented the vast swath of Indian peninsula under the predating power... Thanks

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Sarwar Chowdhury 16 November 2008

Sathya jee This poem shows how powerful your imagination and observations! wonderful composition! ! ! ! .......10++++

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Mula Veereswara Rao 26 October 2008

But still we are saying 'Mera Bharat Mahan' It's time to introspect for us. Nice writing! Please comment on my made in india

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Bob Blackwell 11 October 2008

i echo Greenwolf's words and add your plea is real, it comes through clear. We do not need fanatics in our world. A excellent write 10++++

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Greenwolfe 1962 29 August 2008

After reading this, I couldn't imagine not giving it a 10. The reference to the knot at the end was wonderful. That is exactly the way to put it. GW62

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Subbaraman N V 29 August 2008

This is the effect of 'kali'! If we the great Indians can look inside and make efforts, we will see an India free from all the travails referred to!

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Blue Eyes 28 August 2008

may God save us all and protect every city in the world.i loved the poem keep writing

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Kris Smith 24 August 2008

A well written heartfelt piece thankyou for sharing Chris

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Indira Renganathan 17 August 2008

Strong urgent dose of patriotism to treat our country.Hats off 10+++++......Thanks a lot Sathya

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Seema Chowdhury 16 August 2008

a very powerful and patriotic poem. i hope if everyone realizes this, then life will become easy and the purpose of freedom will be achieved. surely a 10 for this gem.

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 16 August 2008

Truth of life.....Inspite of all the bickerings saare jaha se accha hindusthan hamara.let us all make it still better place to live.possible with right education.Ignorance is the root casue of all those demons dwelling in human minds. Very well crafted poetry depicting the harsh reality.

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Rema Prasanna 16 August 2008

Sathya, salute to your patriotic insight, Incredible India, a rich resourceful intellectual nation, even after years of freedom, struggles.. world's largest democracy's powerful failure.. we allow our system to be like in a way non reactive minds.. voices cut of... ministerial politcal webs... why dont people of India wake up to set right the constitutional principles.. inspirational 10 Rema

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Chitra - 16 August 2008

remarkable write, an eyeopener!

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Bharat B. Trivedi 16 August 2008

A very poignant and striking poem - hard-hitting at our corrupt politicians who have robbed mother India and still continue to do so... Good Read, Satya...

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Pushkar Bisht 16 August 2008

Freedom at midnight is reflecting truth. Today we have got freedom but our corrupt leaders were responsible for that.

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Satheesan Rangorath 14 August 2008

Dear Sathya Narayana Ji A very timely well versed poem with a poetic concern and cry, which no body hears in India.We don't have freem as we are tied by isms of political stupidity. I think we need a secon Independance struggle. You are very correct in bringing out a beautiful poem.We need out freedom to say that 'FREEDOM IS MY/OUR BIRTH RIGHT' gOOD POEM A 10 greetings Satheesan rangorath

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Rajaram Ramachandran 14 August 2008

These are the days for money power and muscle power. The poor remain frustrated. The fanatics play havoc. Politicians have their pound of flesh. What poor helpless Mother India can do, if her children misbehave like this?

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Raj Nandy 14 August 2008

I read your poem on the Independence Day when it became all the more meaningful! If we follow two party system, the country may improve! - Raj Nandy

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i hope so...thanks for sharing

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ngaio beck 14 August 2008

Well friend, as I've said before I am not qualified to rate anyones' pooetry.I happen to like the subject matter very much because India has suffered so many carrion feeding on her ever since the Brits..So for the subject matter, a 10.

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