Lara Chrisphonte

Friendship Over Time...... - Poem by Lara Chrisphonte

This note is dedicated to all of you my friends but especially to the following ones:
Genie, Inyang, Dodo, Jojo, Sandra, Dianne, Jean, Orly, Melissa, Sara, Steph, Sarah, Jen, Vanessa, Shon, Katiana, Myrtelle, Blanca.

Over the years, I have grown to love and appreciate you, my friend. I have seen you at your lowest and have laughed with you at your highest. Despite all these ups and downs, one thing stayed intact...our friendship......

I have been told by many how lucky I am to have such a wonderful immediate and extended family (and that I do..(Josy, Judy, Steph, Rachel, Richard, Gil, Marceau and so on) . I have been told how lucky I am to have a great career; a secured job; a beautiful home; smart and wondeful children; beautiful men (through the years of course): good health for the most part and good looks even. The one thing I've never really heard is how lucky I am to have surrounded myself with such a wonderful circle of friends. You my friend are one of those that some to mind when I think of that circle of friends.

It's very 'rare and special' as someone said to me yesterday to have such friendships but with you it came so easily and despite trials and tribulations both amongst us or in our own lives, we've managed to stay strong and survive what most friendships usually cannot get over or dare overlook.

Friendship came to mind this week as I get ready to celebrate, though far away, Genie's birthday with her. As you all know, Genie and I have been best friends to long even. It is a friendship that I am so proud and so lucky to have acquired. Sometimes I wonder why I got so lucky. Never once have we fought, argued, disrespected one another. A friendship where down times are never allowed and nothing I do can ever do can be classified as wrong even when I know I am. She's never passed any judgement on me for as long as I have known her. It is the support that I have received from Genie and from you all through the years that have always made me believe that it is oK to keep moving forward not ever looking back because good or bad, something good awaits you ahead...A conversation, usually cut to short due to the demands of our personal lives or perhaps a card in the mail or an unexpected email that reminds you that life is worth every bit of hassle and that sooner than later something has to give. Only friends like you believe that and execute as such.

All you have inspired me and made me who I am today one way or another. So today I say to you 'thank you' for the past 30 years of friendship: 25 to some and 5 to some. Regarless of years, our friendship isn't describe by its lenght but the quality of relationships that we have established and managed to maintain.

So to you my great circle of friends, I love you all and I can't wait till we're all retired and get to sit back in the boutique that Genie and I have been planning on opening one day when we retire, drinking tea and remembering all the great moments and stories that WERE as oppose to what most people do..reminisce over the years that COULD and SHOULD have been.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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