Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Friday, January 3, 2003

Friendship Comments

Rating: 2.8
What's friendship? The hangover's faction,
The gratis talk of outrage,
Exchange by vanity, inaction,


Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Mahtab Bangalee 13 March 2019
wonderful expression on friendship- Exchange by vanity, inaction, Or bitter shame of patronage. ///
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Michael Hagwood 19 July 2015
i get a feeling that the poet was mad about something when he worte the poem
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Brigie Murphy 21 June 2015
That is a great poem, good job Alexander
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Stephen W 22 May 2014
Emma, a seeming Russian, tells us it is a good translation. This puzzles me, because it doesn't make any sense in English at all.
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A beautiful poem about friendship.
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Brian Jani 22 May 2014
Alex nice poem man! !
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Brigie Murphy 21 June 2015
Indeed, that is a great poem
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Joseph Poewhit 22 May 2012
Sort of saying we can have a good time but, but, lets stay on our side of the street. Have a wine - BUT? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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Kevin Patrick 22 May 2012
The hangover faction, suggest that a friend is like alchohaul, a pretense of joy through chemical delusions which in the end are a futile and somewhat painful enchantment, that would have been wise to take in moderation. In an era were facebook makes friends out of people we have no personal knowledge of other than a cursory and superficial pleasantries, it suggest that connections are doomed if they exists as surface niceness. A true friend is someone who goes beyond the exchange of vanity and inaction and is one who listens and excepts one through the worst times. That is a friend and Pushkin is merrily elucidating the qualities of what a friend is not, but which we generally go by.
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Carlos Echeverria 22 May 2012
What's friendship to Pushkin? Its very basis he throws into question, implying we have two faces.
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Deci Hernandez 22 May 2012
Though he got a thumbs down, i agree with kevin shaw. We expect the relationship of friendship to be some sort of strong bond, but it is often a weak bond dressed up temporaily as something strong. patronage. but friendship is indeed a relationship to honor. no matter our friends inperfections, even when they are to the point of disgust. for we all have these points and all are in need of fiends. friendship translates in every language.
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I wonder why Puskin did not have the question ‘What's friendship? ’ as the title of the poem and then simply answer his own question as he has done in the quatrain? This achieves symmetry in all four lines. Some of his other poems are far superior. Yet several translations of some of Puskin’s poems again stress how much poetry suffers lost in translation. It is the hardest literary medium to translate due to the multiple meanings of some words in the original language and the wonderful poetic effects linking such words achieves.
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Emma Adamyan 22 May 2010
Good, very good translation. In the poet`s style for sure
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Ramesh T A 22 May 2010
This poem talks about negative kind of friendship. There should not be this kind of friendship in the world. Negative kind of friendship is suitable only for conspirators.
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Kevin Straw 22 May 2010
By saying what friendship is not, Pushkin is implicitly saying what it should be. The spurned lover might cry: 'Love? Don't speak to me of love! ' Yet that is the word he most wishes to heart. Disappointment in friendship does not alter the true nature of it.
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Joseph Poewhit 22 May 2009
True many good friends, are made over flowing intoxications. The words seem to point to a futility of friendship. Saying it ends in the empty canister and just brings remorse of frustrated futility of even trying. Though comradeship in life is part of life. I guess maybe he was just one of those poet tipsters, that look on gloom. But, poets are poets and make the world spin. [ happy or sad poets ]
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Michael Pruchnicki 22 May 2008
A straightforward and simple quatrain rhyming ABAB, characteristic of Pushkin's poetic style. He wrote somewhere that 'roughness and simplicity suit the Russian language better than French elegance.' I don't think the poem suggests that the earth is a beautiful place at all. It's more a comment on the manners of the time and the rampant hypocrisy in relationships, as I read it! Friendship is a result of a hangover when sufferers share woes and consequences of over-indulging the night before. People talk the talk, but they don't walk the walk. Talking about outrage is cheap talk, when no action follows-nothing changes except for the venting of anger. People almost always like to be thought well of by others. Such vanity goes along with the fear of being ostracized if one goes against the mores of the time! Better to be a lickspittle, some think, though when they do succumb to someone they consider superior they feel deep shame at their self-betrayal.
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Kelly Stults 22 May 2008
The poem is really great. It touched my heart.
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Raveendran . 22 May 2007
The poet seems to suggest thatt he earth is beautiful place that houses a stupid idiotic world
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wow! That was amazing!
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