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Generation - Poem by Nasra Omar

I sing of a generation
This generation
A generation of YouTube and Twitter
Of my space and Facebook
Of followers and unfollowers Subtweets and pings Status updates and retweets
Hashtag TeamFollowBack
Hashtag NowPlaying
Hashtag NowTrending

A generation of blogging and spamming
What's app and snap chat
BBM and Instagram
Of tweetville and IG
tweeple and Keekers
Serenades on Skype
Weddings via tango
Breakups through viber
Hashtag TheHubby
Hashtag LiveLoveLaugh
Hashtag BishDon'tKillMyVibe Hashtag MyBabyBadderThanYours Hashtag WorkFlow

A generation of broken friendships over birthday wishes
Of endless parties
Befriending and unfriending
Liking and ranting
Twatching and twerking
Hashtag Don'tKeepCalmIt'sMyBurfday Hashtag StraightFlexin'
Hashtag WorkhardPlayHard Hashtag WeOutchea
Hashtag StartedFromTheBottomNowWeHere

A generation of sound wordsmiths and mad poets
Of cool nerds and geniuses
Of uneducated literates
Of successful dropouts and unemployed graduates
Of homework turned net work
Of self worth based on net worth
Of encyclopedia turned Wikipedia Of enslaved minds
Of 1D minds and 3D minds
Of shallow minds to which all that glitters is seemingly a gold mine
Of sexting and FaceTime
Cat fights and heartbreaks
Of melodramatic break ups Hashtag BottomsUp
Hashtag ThatGoodKushAndAlcohol Hashtag Ain'tNobodyGotTimeFo'Dat Hashtag DramaIsTheSpiceOfLife Hashtag TeamProcrastinate Hashtag MissIndependent
Hashtag TeamSingle
Hashtag YOLO

A generation of senseless wars
Of terrible mothers and abandoned children
Abusive fathers
Of extremists and feminists
Racists and sexists
Fanatics and lunatics
Believers, Humpty Dumptys and Atheists
Hurricanes and earthquakes Tsunamis and STDs
Hashtag FreeSyria
Hashtag StopTheWar
Hashtag IsItBecauseI'mBlack Hashtag TheLordIsMySavior Hashtag Isms
Hashtag DeenOverDunya
Hashtag ABC

I write of a generation That believes riches and selfishness can fill the emptiness in our souls
That enlightenment and poverty should be left to poets and prophets
A generation that draws knowledge from the shallow well of ignorance and arrogance
Where retrogression and being human dovetail perfectly
Of infidelity
Where vanity is applauded
Where someone can boast of pride yet claim humility
Of downgraded kings and queens Broken princes and princesses Dolls come to life
A generation where bullying and presidency are synonymous
Of boob jobs and nose jobs
BABY mothers and BABY fathers Where chivalry is buried 6 feet under
Morality gone over and yonder Some Consciences seize to exist
Of fake Serings and tortured talibes Of friends with benefits
Hashtag LiberateYourselvesFromMentalSlavery
Hashtag Don'tJudgeMe
Hashtag FriendZoned
Hashtag It'sBarbieBish
Hashtag FeelingMeh
Hashtag PwettyAF

I sing of a generation where news on CNN and BBC is stale
A generation of killer drones and smart phones
Of drop box and Botox
Google docs and X-box
Where ubuntu is only an operating system not a way of life
Ebooks and E-Cigarettes
Of gigabytes and terabytes
Of slam poetry and floetry
Hashtag YouHeardItHereFirst Hashtag GTA5
Hashtag RhythmicVibrations Hashtag BlaqueMagique Hashtag DefJam

This is my generation
The E-Generation
The hashtag Generation
The dawn of a new era
Hashtag GenerationUs
Hashtag I-Generation
Hashtag Asalamu Alaikum
Hashtag DeucesI'mOut

Hashtag SentFromMyHeart

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