Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Give Yourself A Race Comments

Rating: 4.9

I tried so hard
Still couldn't win the race.
Though Satisfaction of running
All the way


Kalpak Kaplash
Romeo Della Valle 29 September 2013

The challenge is always there in front of you and it is all your choice to decide whether you want to make the sacrifice and move on or remain motionless! 10+++ A well crafted and poignant write! Enjoyed it and you must keep it up! Thanks for sharing! Regards from New York City

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Dinesan Madathil 28 August 2013

When you run more and more in those times to come yet, your mind will respond in a different way and you are too young to feel the impact of a real defeat. I like your writing and feel liking telling you about the need for stepping out of yourself soon to reap the harvest of writing over the P.H. All the best ahead Kalpak Kaplash

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Dave Walker 28 August 2013

A great poem, if we do the best we can, then we have done good.

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Poetheart Morgan 28 August 2013

I dont know but i think competition, as is showed to us, take the man to exhaustion. Some times is good but has not to be to exclude no one or put you down.

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Arti Chopra 28 August 2013

Well written...carry on writing

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