Globalization And The Third World Countries Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

Globalization And The Third World Countries

Globalization and the third world countries,
This light suppose to be outside than inside! !
And out of proverty to satisfy my muse,
For we are now holding Hi-Tec Mobile Phones in our hands.

All our natural resources are taken away at cheaper rates and,
The third world countries do pay back heavily on these Hi-Tec products! !
All in the name of globalization;
With cheap labour on our part to help grow the wealth of the Richer Nations!
And, we become poorer begging for alms than ever,
For, globalization has taken over our respective economies! ! !
But, always hoping that, there will be a better way out one day.

Edward Kofi Louis

Edward Kofi Louis

Accra, GHANA
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