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GOD: Manipulates all.
GOD: Gives - GOD: Takes.


Om Joe, salutaions to this noble souled Poet. The BIG and the small are the cause root of the main mental shadows in human mind. The poems of yours are a kind exercise of purification. NIce!
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I Am who I AM. All in all! Sovereigh in reign. Inspired poet you are! Love; D
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Terence George Craddock 21 January 2010
Interesting u used the phrase Alpha and the Omega. I did also in my poem Song Of My Love which is a love poem. I just invited u 2 meet Jesus in my poem Sage Recollects After Meeting.
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Kutlwano Sonji Nkwe 13 October 2009
it was christ who dealt with sin because of his love he wanted us to win he is indeed omni holy good poem
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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 30 September 2009
a great philosophy. shan
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Paul Butters 19 September 2009
You might like chapter 11 of 'Completely Lost', a story of mine on in which my heroes meet God! Love thinking and writing about God. Love this poem. P.
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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 28 August 2009
Time of sun & moon. Man's pompous vanities......oh God without you nothing is in this world.... no sun no moon andabsolutely nothing.........simply 10 read mine o, lord...prayer
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Prince Obed de la Cruz 15 August 2009
WOW! you have used equations! you gave me an idea! WOW!
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Saadat Tahir 30 June 2009
yes God is indeed omni very well written cheers
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God + Creation - [ minus] Nomenclature + Math = Secondlessness! ! !
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C. P. Sharma 10 May 2009
God is the logic God is the soot God is the root God is the fruit Ever gives a cautious hoot In a minute millions shoot CP
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Noel Horlanda 08 May 2009
Great! It's nearly a haiku in form only that it contains lots of syllable. The author spoke the truth about the Almighty....10+
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Subroto Chatterjee 07 May 2009
And all man-made formulae to boot... Live life as Jesus said..simple equation. difficult to practice? Hmmmmm.... Cheers. Subroto
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Kesav Easwaran 07 May 2009
Vedic Math: (5000 years old wine) E is God and M is the Universe created...that constant C there is that definite part of His Will Expressed... Realise God by this Universe multiplied by His Endless Will- squared up... Thanks for this write...10
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Dr Hitesh Sheth 06 May 2009
God is not evolving, rather he is progressively manifesting himself............He is perfect........But for joy he has assume the seeming imperfection and slowly reaching towards perfection...........From Joy this universe is born, through joy it is sustain, it is moving towards joy...............Good Write.........
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Fiona Davidson 05 May 2009
Excellent write Joe...makes you think...10+++
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Goran Gustafsson 04 May 2009
God's Name as revealed in Ex 3: 14, , Ahyh, is correctly translated as 'I Will Be.' The Burning Bush's full answer to Moses, then, is 'I Will Be What I Will Be.' And that means that God is not static but evolving.
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Pandian Angelina 02 May 2009
Wow! is the word Well said Sir, Man labels folly. Time of sun & moon. Man's pompous vanities. Dusts and Shadows and Pasts. No one can say it better! Show stopping lines Makes one Stop and really Think!
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Tsira Goge 30 April 2009
Only after detection of the theory of a relativity, Al'bert Einshtein began thinking of the god.... of my theory, the beam speed it's speed of the god.../ you smiles, Joe? I'm not... / 10............. for this... All best, Tsira
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iam that iam...very true
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