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God`s Proclamations For Future - Poem by M.D Dinesh Nair


I spoke the other day
These words of my proclamations
To one Dinesh Nair a dwarf bard in the East.
I spoke to him aloud,
'If you are a mortal honest, write now
My proclamations in words sans mercy incarnate'.

No sooner did I learn that I was not there than I was there.
I came from nothing and everything came from me all say..
I was confused first and more confused now.
I spoke out my heart for a while
And your hearts must be filled now fast
With thoughts great.


I am:
I am the Alfa and the Omega some say,
I am omnipotent and omnipresent they add
And I enjoy the eulogies ever and ever.
I am merciful and bounteous some chant.
I am the bread giver and the protector of millions many chant
And I feel like going mad.

I am aloft the universe void
And I am not your father nor is his son henceforth.
I am the one doomed to rule your minds in vain yet.

I once kept a flute on the mouth
And led a herd of cattle; not men or women,
I made a battle for killing a hundred cousins
For the five, their cousins stood by me ever.
I was a leveler for sometime, many said.


What I still do:
With an ire of no reason
I ever cast my eyes on your lands green,
Then I divided the world altogether
And made haves and have-nots at a spell.
I sent demons of dark shades
To ensure the fall of the East and the West
And in between the Pacific and the Atlantic
I painted a white President in black
And asked him to under go the ordeal twice.
I set fire on Somalia,
Cast a spell of terror on the subcontinent of Asia,
And ordered the Greek and the French
To feel a recession unknown thitherto.


My proposals ahead:
I will ever and ever bless the rich and the mighty
And fill their cupboards with gold glittering.
I will often drain the huts and shower upon the inmates
Misery immortalized and empowered.
I will not wipe the tears of the babes orphaned,
I will not rescue the eves haunted
I will not cure the ills of the East or the West
Nor will I feed the mouths hungry.
I will send storms mighty,
I will dry the land of green,
I will send the demons of war,
And will evict you all at the end
From this planet doomed to fade out
For I am in a mood to kill now.
For many millennia you all have been
Bereft of thoughts and reason,
The multitudes watched you all in egos
Enacting a drama with religions many.
Piety and scriptures were spoken of often
As I slept in the corridors of the dark paradise.
I saw nightmares outstretched
With Lucifer sent to the nadir dark
And I sat on throne at the zenith.
A song of passivity descended,
A song of passivity!


My promise is all your making:
My son is sleeping there in his cradle,
My only son who survived a fatal nailing.
He sleeps like you all
And I can`t send him down to your world in shambles.
My son is my son and
Let him sleep till you spit venom on him
You, lesser mortals, go to your hell and weep there.


As of now….
I am flying like a bird eternal
Across the skies wearied.
My wings flip in vain and
My future looks bleak.
I can`t help it, I am so
And I keep my head down
You lesser mortals, please say it aloud somewhere.
I feel shy, I feel like fleeing
The scene of disaster I have made.


As of ever:
Frozen deep within
I shed the sweat of my inaction.
I know the pain of being someone
While being none at all over here.
I fall into the pit of no entity
While being omnipresent!
I know my plight of being alone
While a crowd awaits my being with them.
Unlike the past mysterious
And my present is at your mercy!
After thousands of years of sound sleep
I woke up to speak out my heavy heart
And I shall not sleep henceforth
For I know he is the brother of death.


Here is my warning to you all:
'You shall not revolt,
Against these words of mine for ever
And start writing against
These proclamations passed
Onto you all, you lesser mortals
For my sword of ire shall ever be
Sharper than all your pens kept wet'.

Blessed be the ones reading these lines
For variety is the spice of life
If at all you are still living there,
You lesser mortals.

I will forgive none among you
If you still continue to believe that I am there
For your colossal thoughts of folly must end now.

I proclaim to you once more that
I was not there, am not there now
Nor shall ever be there.

My voice will never be there.

First submitted: Thursday, September 06,2012

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