Thursday, March 30, 2006

Going Home! (Affirmation Of Faith) Comments

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I offer all I am or will ever be,
My prayers, deeds, the all of me

To serve and give to my Dear Lord,


Ray Lucero

An affirmation of Faith. I am admiring your poem about Jesus because His blood fell and stained this earth. From the cross He pardoned us- which sets us free. The tomb was empty. He will welcome us. He absolutely was more than a prophet. Great poem, exhilarating! I choose Jesus. MKP

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Moya Levy 13 April 2006

Lovely Ray, home is where the heat is after all. Moyaxx

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Duncan Wyllie 08 April 2006

Very touching and so well written with a wonderful message contained, Love Duncan

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Debora Short 30 March 2006

Wonderful prayer, Ray! Blessings, Debora Short

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Patricia Gale 30 March 2006

Wonderfuly thought and put. Rapture. Patricia

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