Graduation Day Poem by Mamata Bhatt

Graduation Day

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My experience of Convocation

I filled form for my convocation,
the date changed and no update,
I left caring about the date,
Suddenly I saw an engineer ordering dozer to make road proper with mud and stones,
Mom was saying they said a leader is coming,
I didn't damn care who is he/she,
Approximately at 5 I saw a picture of my Teacher wearing gown and hat,
I thought he did a trial at office,
Again I saw my another teacher congratulating a Topper,
I was little bit scared that I missed my graduation,
After 2 days I brought my gown and hat,
I got graduated by my mom,
She protects pride of us and the nation,
She doesn't agree to sell her territory,
She doesn't leave hand in pain,
She hasn't got a degree,
But she has manners,
She doesn't allow Her sovereignty to be sold for White dogs,
I am blessed to be graduated by such personality,
Everythings happen for a good reason.

Graduation Day

Great mother, lovely daughter.

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And the beautiful photograph you have shared. Loved it.

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Part 2. But, your decision to reenact the convocation by your mother is more pleasant and gratifying. Well done. Great poem. Congratulations. Top score.

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I can understand the disappointment, the university missed out to inform the new date for convocation. My convocation I could not attend because I was already out on a job. But, my daughter's, we attended.

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Mamata Bhatt 02 July 2022

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Nabakishore Dash 27 June 2022

The best personality has graduated you.I think u require no body else.

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Nabakishore 27 June 2022

I thank you sir from my core heart.

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