Grief From Mind 1-6 A.S. Griboedov Poem by Yuri Starostin

Grief From Mind 1-6 A.S. Griboedov

A.S.Griboedov. A grief from the mind
Comedy in four actions in verses
Pavel Afanasevich Famusov operating in a state place
Sofia Pavlovna, his daughter.
Lisonka, the servant.
Alexey Stepanovich Molchalin, secretary Famusova living at it in the house.
Alexander Andreevich Chatsky.
Colonel Skalozub, Sergey Sergeevich.
Natalia Dmitrievna, the young lady, Platon Mihailovich, her husband, - Gorichs.
The prince Tugouhovsky and the Princess, him wife, with six daughters.
The countess the grandmother, the Countess the grand daughter, - Hryumins.
Anton Antonovich Zagoretsky.
Old woman Hlestova, sister - in-law Famusova.
G. N.
Parsley and some speaking servants.
Set of visitors of any solds and their footmen at travel.
Waiters of Famusov.
Action in Moscow in the house of Famusov
A drawing room, in it a big clock, on the right a door in a bedroom of Sofia, from its
it is audible a fortepiano with a flute which then stop. Lisanka in a centre rooms
sleeps, having overhung from an armchairs. (Morning, hardly day dawns)
Lisanka (suddenly wakes up, rises from armchairs, looks back)
Sunrise! . Ah! As soon a night pass!
Yesterday asked to sleep - refusal,
'We wait for the friend'. - Need the eye yes an eyes,
Do not sleep, till you will not roll dawn from a chair.
Now here has just taken a nap,
Day! . To tell them...
(She is knocked to Sofia.)
Hey! Sofia Pavlovna, a trouble.
Your conversation has come for a night;
You are deaf? - Alexey Stepanych!
Madam! . And a fear does not take their!
(Departs from doors.)
Well, the visitor is not invited,
Perhaps, the father will enter!
Ask to serve to the young lady enamoured!
(Again to doors)
Yes go out. Morning. - What-is?
(A voice of Sofia)
What time is it now?
All in the house has risen.
Sofia (from the room)
What time is it now?
The seventh, eighth, the ninth.
Sofia (there from)
A lie.
Lisanka (away from doors)
Ah! A cupid * the damned!
And hear, do not want to understand,
Well them to take away a shutters?
I will set a clock though I know: there will be a race,
I will improve them to play.
(Climbs on a chair, moves an arrow, a hours beat and play.)
Lisa and Famusov.
Ah! Barin!
Barin, yes.
(Stops a clock music)
After all a what rascaline are you, the little girl.
I could not think up, is it for a trouble!
So the flute is heard, so like a fortepiano is;
For Sofia too would be early? ?
No, sir, I... Only accidentally...
Here that accidentally, for you notice;
So, truly, intentionally.
(Presses close to her and makes advances)
Oh! A potion, *a spoilt girl.
You are a mischievous, to the face either to you these faces!
She is modest, and anything except
A mischief and a wind are on a mind.
Start up, winders own,
Remember, you are an old men...
Well, who will come, where we with you go?
To whom here to come?
After all Sofia sleeps?
Now asleep.
Now! And a night?
I read a whole night.
See, a what whims were got!
All in French, aloud, she reads do closed.
Tell that is not necessary to spoil an eyes to her,
And in a reading a sake- from is not great:
To her the dream is not present from a French books,
And to me from a Russian is painfully slept.
Soon will rise, I will be reported,
You right to go, do wake, I am afraid.
Why to awake? Youself set go a clock,
For all quarter a symphony you rattle.
Lisa (as is possible more loudly)
Yes enough -s!
Famusov (clamps to her a mouth)
Pardon, so you shout.
You descend from a mind?
I am afraid, to leave did not from this...
It is time, sir, to you to know, you are not a child;
At a girls the morning dream is so thin;
Just by a door you will squeak, just you will whisper:
All are hear...
All you lie.
Voice of Sofia
Hey, Liza!
Famusov (hasty)
(She is stolen from a room on tiptoe.)
Lisa (one)
Has left... Ah! From a misters be away;
At them a troubles for myself to any time prepare,
Pass us more than all grieves
Both a lordly anger, and a lordly love.
Lisa, Sofia with a candle, behind her Molchalin.
What, Liza, has attacked you?
You rustle...
Certainly, to you to leave hard?
To a light do closed, and all seems a little?
Ah, really it is shine up!
(Extinguishes a candle.)
Both light and grief. As a nights are fast!
A grieve, know, from outside there is no force,
Here your father has come, I stood;
Span before him, I do not remember that said a lies;
Well why you stand et? A bow, sir, give.
Go, a heart is not on a place;
Look at the watch, look in a window:
Go on the people on a streets for a long time;
And in the house a knock, a walking, to sweep and clean.
A happy do not observe a hours.
Do not observe, your right;
And so to the answer for you, of course, to me to get.
Sofia (to Molchalin)
Go; all the day still we will suffer a boredom.
God with you-s; away take a hand.
(Plants them, Molchalin in the doorway faces Famusov.)
Sofia, Liza, Molchalin, Famusov.
What is an caution for! * Molchalin, you are, brother?
I am-s.
Why you are here for? And in this hour?
And Sofia! . Hi, Sofia What you
So has early wake up! And? What do a care for?
And how God not time met together you?
He just has entered now.
Now from a walk.
The friend. Whether it is impossible for a walks
Far away to choose a back street?
And you, madam, soon from a bed jump,
With the man! With the young! - a busy for a maiden!
All night long reads a fables,
And here a fruits from these books!
And all the Kuznetsk bridge, * and eternal Frenchmen,
Therefrom a fashions to us, both authors and muses:
A blighters of a pockets and hearts!
When the creator will relieve us
From their hats! A caps! Both hairpins! And pins!
And a book and a biscuit benches! .
Allow, the father, a head is turned;
I from a fear * transfer a spirit hardly;
You have desired to run in so quickly,
I have mixed up...
I thank it is obedient,
I soon to them have run in!
I have disturb! I did a fear!
I, Sofia Pavlovna, am upset itself, a whole day
There is no rest, rush about as a fumed.
On a post, on a service to strive,
That sticks, another, to all have a business to me!
Whether I wait for a new efforts? To have been deceived...
Whom, father?
Here to reproach to me begin,
That uselessly always I rebuke.
Do not cry, I talk sense:
Whether about yours have care
About an education! From a cradle!
Mother has died: I was able to employ
In madam Roze the second mother.
The old woman-gold in a supervision to you has set:
She was clever, a behave is silent, of a rare rules.
One not to a honour serves her:
For a superfluous in a year a five hundred roubles
To entice herself by others has admitted.
Yes not in a madam a force.
It is not necessary other sample,
When in eyes an example of the father.
Look you at me: I do not brag by a harmonous;
However I am vigorous and fresh, and has lived to a grey hairs,
I am free, to a widows, to me I am the mister...
For the monastic behavior I am known! .
I will dare, sir...
Be silent!
Awful century! Do not know what is to begin!
All seem wise not on a years.
And more than a daughters, yes a good-natured persons.
These languages have gave to us!
Take so a tramps, * both in the house and under a tickets, *
To do our daughters to all to learn, to all -
And to a dances! And a sing! Both to a tendernesses! And to a sighs!
As though in their wife we prepare for a buffoons. *
You are, the visitor, what is? You are here, sir, to what?
Of a humble origin has warmed and has entered into my family,
Has given a rank of a asessor * and took in a secretaries;
To Moscow he is translated through mine coacts;
And be not me, a charcoal you do in Tver.
I in any way will not explain your anger.
He lives here in the house, a great misfortune!
Went to a room, has got to another.
Has got or wanted to get?
Yes together why you are? It is impossible, that it is casual.
Here in what, however, a whole case is:
As last you with Liza were here,
Has frightened me your voice extremely,
And I have rushed here at full speed...
Perhaps, on me whole turmoil will combine.
Not during a time my voice has done an alarms them!
On a vague dream the trifle disturbs;
To tell to you a dream: you will understand then.
What is a history for?
To you do tell?
(Sits down.)
Allow... See whether... At first
A florid meadow; and I did searched
A grass
Some-kind, I do not remember in a reality.
Suddenly the lovely person, one of those whom we
Will see - as soon the century we are familiar,
Was here with me; both he is insinuating, and he is clever,
But he is shy... Know, who in a poverty is born...
Ah! The mother, do not finish a push!
Who is poor, that to you is not a pair.
Then all was gone: a meadows and heavens. -
We are in a dark room. For a getting a miracle
Opened the floor - and you therefrom has revealed,
Are pale, as a death, and a hair stand on!
Here with a thunder have flung open the doors
Someones not people and not animals,
Us go apart - and does tormented a sitting with me.
He is as to me is the more expensive than treasures,
I want to him - you drag with yourselves:
Guarded us by a groan, a roar, a laughter, a whistle of a monsters!
He to follow shouts! . -
She has woken up. - Someone speaks, -
Your voice was; what is, I think, so early?
I run here - and both of you I find.
Yes, a foul dream as I have a look.
Here all is, if there is no deceit:
Both a devils and a love, both a fears and a flowers.
Well, my sir, and are you?
I heard your voice.
My voice was gave to them and as to myself serviceably
To all it is heard, and calls all to a dawn!
On my voice goes hastened, what is to go for? - Speak.
With a papers-s.
Yes! Ist are lacked.
Pardon that it has suddenly dropped
A heartly to written affairs!
Well, Sonjushka, I will give a rest to you:
Happen a strange dreams, and in a reality are more strange;
You to yourself searched for a grasses,
Has come a friend on more likely;
To thought out a nonsense from a head;
Where a miracles, there there is not enough a warehouse. -
Go, lay down, be asleep again.
(to Molchalin)
We go papers to assort.
I only bore them for the report,
That in a course it is impossible to start up without an inquiries, without others,
Countradiction is, and much is not efficient.
I am afraid, sir, of one I am deadly,
That the set did not collect them;
Give vent to you, and it has sat down;
And at me that has put that has not put,
A custom is my such:
It is signed, so from a shoulders down.
(Leaves with Molchalin, in the doorway passes him forward.)
Sofia, Liza.
Well here at the holiday! Well here to you and a fun!
However is not present, now not to laughter;
In an eyes darkly, and has stood a soul;
A sin is not a matter, a rumour is not good.
What to me a rumour? Who wants, so and judges,
Yes the father to think on will force:
He is grumbling, unruly, fast,
He is that always, and since then...
You can to judge on...
I judge-s not under a stories;
He will lock you, - kindly yet with me;
And so, pardon God, as at once
Me, Molchalin and all goes from a court yard down with.
Do think, as the happiness is capricious!
Happens worse, a from hands will descend;
When a sad anything do not came on a mind,
Were forgot by a music, and a time went so smoothly;
The destiny would like is protected us;
Neither an anxieties, nor a doubts...
And the grief waits from a round the corner.
Here that, mine silly judges you
Do not favour never:
Side here a trouble.
On what be to you of the best prophet?
I was repeated: in a love there will be no in this a sake
Neither on a senturies of a senturies.
As all Moscow ones are, your father is that:
He would wish the son-in-law with a stars, yes with a ranks,
And at stars not all are rich, between us;
Well, certainly to that
And money to live, that he could give a balls;
Here, for example, is colonel Skalozub:
And the gold bag, and marks in a generals.
Where is so he is lovely! And is cheerful to me a fear
To listen about a guard * and a numbers;
He has not tolded a clever word never, -
To me all is the same, so for him, so in water.
Yes-s, so to say he is talkative, and painfully is not artful;
But be the military man, be he state, *
Who so is sensitive, and oars, and sharp,
As Alexander Andreich Chatsky!
Not for this purpose, that you to confuse;
For a long time has passed, not to turn back,
And it is remembered...
What is remembered? He is nicely
To laugh on is able all;
Stirs, jokes, to me it is amusing;
To divide with everyone it is possible a laughter.
And only? As soon? - A tears he had a shower bath,
I remember, poor he, as you left. -
What do, sir, cry? Live laughing...
And he do in the answer: 'Not without a reason, Liza, I am crying:
Who knows, what I will find being turned back?
And how many, maybe, I will lose! '
The poor one is as a knew that is a year through three...
Listen, a superfluous liberty you do not take.
I am very windy, perhaps, have done,
Both I know, and I am guilty; but where has changed et?
To whom? To reproach could by an incorrectness.
Yes, with Chatsky, truth, we are studied, grew:
The habit to be together everyone unseparably
Has connected is by a children friendship; but then
He gone out, at us him seemed is boringly,
And seldom have visited our house;
Then has again pretended to be enamoured,
Exacting and afflicted! ! .
Sharp, is clever, eloquent,
In a friends is especially happy,
Here about himself he has conceived highly...
A hunting to wander has attacked it,
Ah! If who loves whom,
What is for mind to search and go on so far?
Where he rushes? In what edges?
He was treated, speak, on a sour waters, *
Not from an illness, tea, with a boredom, - is more free.
And, truly, a happy there where people are more ridiculous.
Who is loved by me, is not that:
Molchalin, for others youself are ready to forget,
The enemy of an impudence, - it is always timid, unbrave
A whole night with whom it is possible so to promessage!
We sit, and on a court yard for a long time has turned white,
How you think? Than are occupied?
God knows,
Madam, whether is my this business?
He takes a hand, presses to a heart,
From a depth of a soul will sigh,
No a free words and so the whole night passes,
The hand with a hand, and an eye from me does not remove. -
You laugh! Whether it is possible! Than an occasion has submitted
To you I do to a laughter such!
To me-s? . Your aunt on a mind has come now,
As the young Frenchman has run away at it from the house.
My dear! Wanted to bury
The disappointment, has not managed:
Has forgotten a hair to blacken
And in three days has turned grey.
(Continues to laugh loudly.)
Sofia (with affliction)
Here as about me then will start talking.
Forgive, the right, as God sacred,
I was wanted, that this laughter foolish
You has helped to amuse a little.
Sofia, Liza, the servant, behind him Chatsky.
The servant
To you Alexander Andreich Chatsky.
Sofia, Liza, Chatsky.
At daybreak et on a feet! And I am at your feet.
(With a heat kisses a hand.)
Well kiss, did not wait? Speak!
What is for the sake? * Is not present? In the face to me look.
Are surprised? And only? Here a reception!
As though has not passed week;
As though yesterday together
We are not a some force have bothered each other;
No on a love hair! Where so are good!
And meanwhile, I will not be remembered, without a soul,
I am a forty five hours, do not blink an eye in a trice,
A versts more sevenhundred I was carried by, - a wind, a storm;
Both everything has become puzzled, and time fell how many -
And here for feats an award is!
Ah! Chatsky, I am very glad to you.
You are for the sake of? Good luck.
However sincerely who rejoices this by?
It seems to me, so at last
People and horses do snob,
I only amused myself.
Here, the sir if you were behind doors,
Really, there are no a five minutes,
As we remembered you here.
Madam, tell youself.
Always, not only that now. -
You cannot make to me reproach.
Who will fly, will open a door,
In transit, a case, from other, from a far -
With a question I am, though be the seaman:
Whether has met you somewhere in a post carriage?
Put in that so.
That is blissful, who believes, warmly to him on a light! -
Ah! My God! Either et I am here again,
In Moscow! At you! Yes as you to know me!
Where is time that? Where that age is innocent,
When, happened, at an evening long
We are, we will disappear here and there,
We play and rustle on chairs and tables.
And here your father with madam, behind a picket; *
We are in a dark corner, also it seems that in it!
You are remember? We will shudder, that the little table, a door shall squeak...
Yes-s, and now,
In a seventeen years you have blossomed charm,
Inimitably, and it is known to you,
And consequently are modest, do not look at a light.
Whether you are enamoured? I ask to answer me,
Without a thought, to a completeness to be confused.
Yes though whom will confuse
A fast questions and an inquisitive glance...
Pardon, not to you that to be surprised?
What will Moscow show the new to me?
Yesterday there was a ball, and tomorrow there will be two.
That asked in a marriage - was in time, and that has made a slip.
All the same sense, * and those verses in an albums.
A persecution to Moscow. That means to see light!
Where is a better?
Where we are not present.
Well what do your father? Still is an English club
Ancient, true member to a coffin?
Whether your uncle have skip own century?
And this, how him, he is a Turk or the Greek?
That a blacken smear, on a legs of a crane,
I do not know, what is his name,
Where go to put on: here as here,
In a dining rooms and in a drawing rooms.
And a three from a parkway persons, *
Which about a half century try to look younger?
A native is a million at them, and by help of a sisters
With all Europe will become related.
And our sun? Our treasure?
On a forehead it is written: Theatre and Maskerad; *
The house is painted by a greens in the form of a grove,
Itself it is thick, its actors are lean.
On a ball, remember, we have opened together
For a screens, in an one of a rooms of a more secret,
The person has been hidden and clicked by a nightingale,
The singer in the winter of a summer weather.
And that a consumptive, a relatives to you, to a books the enemy is,
In a scientific committee * which has lodged
And with a shout is demanded an oaths,
That to the reading and writing nobody knew and did not study?
Again to see them to me is fated by a destiny!
To live with them will bother, and in whom you will not find a stains?
When et do wander well, you are turned back home,
And the smoke of Fatherland to us is sweet and pleasant!
Here you would with an aunt to met,
That all an acquaintances to re-read.
And the aunt? Still by the girl, by Minerva? *
Still by the maid of a honour *of Ekaterinas First?
A pupilines and a pugs the house is full?
Ah! To an education we will pass.
That now is the same as since an ancient times,
Strive to type a teachers of a guards,
By a number more, by a price is cheaper?
Is not that in a science are far;
In Russia, under the great penalty,
To us an everyone order to recognise
The historian and the geographer!
Our mentor, * remember its cap, a dressing gown,
An * index finger, all signs of a studing
As our shy is disturbed a minds,
As from an early time we have got used to believe,
That to us without Germans is not present a safing!
And Gilome, the Frenchman who has been beated by a breeze?
He is not a marriage still?
On a whom?
Though is on any princess
Pulheria Andrevna, for example?
Tanzmeister! Whether it is possible!
Well, he and the cavaler.
From us will demand with an manor to be and in a rank,
And Gilome! . - here now a tone is what
At a congresses, on a big, on a parish holidays?
Dominates still a mixing of a languages:
The French with Nizhniy Novgorod?
A mix of a languages?
Yes, two, without it it is impossible.
But it is sophisticated from them one to cut out, as yours.
At least it is not inflate.
Here a news! - I use a minute,
By a mitting with you I am revived,
And it is talkative; and unless there are no times,
What do I am sillier than Molchalin? Where is he, by the way?
Whether still he has broken a silence of the presses?
There was a songs where is a newcomers a writing-book
He will see, sticks: welcome to write off.
And however, he will reach a degrees known,
After all now loves a mute.
Not the person, a snake!
(Loudly and improvedly.)
I want to ask you:
Whether happened, that you are laughing? Or in a grief?
By a mistake? A kind about somebody have told?
Though do not now, and in the childhood, can be.
When all is soft so? An it is gentle, and unmature?
On what so is a long time? Here a kind to you is business:
By a calls just rattling
And a day and a night on snow desert,
I hasten to you, a head breaking.
And how you I find? In a some a strict rank!
Here a coldness half an hour I suffer!
The face of the most sacred god praerine! . -
And nevertheless without a memory I love you.
(Minute silence.)
Listen, so et a words my all splittings?
And tend to a someone's hurt?
But if so: a mind with a heart are not in a harmony.
I am in an odd fellows to an other miracle
Time I will laugh, then I will forget:
Order to me in a fire: I will go as for a dinner.
Yes, it is good - burn down, if is do not?
Sofia, Liza, Chatsky, Famusov.
Here and another!
Ah, the father, the dream is in an arm.
Famusov (to it following in a low voice)
A damned dream.
Famusov, Chatsky (looks at a door in which Sofia left)
Well you have thrown out a piece!
Three years did not write a two words!
And has burst suddenly as from a clouds.
Fine, friend, fine, brother, fine.
Tell, tea at you it is ready
An important metting of a messages?
Sit down, declare faster.
(Sit down.)
Chatsky (absent-mindedly)
As Sofia Pavlovna at you has got prettier!
To you, to young people, another is not a business,
How to notice the maiden beauty:
You have told something casually, and,
I tea, was brought by a hopes, bewitched.
Ah! No; I am a little spoilt by a hopes.
'The dream has come true' - me she has desired to whisper,
Here you have conceived...
I have? - Not at all.
About whom to her it dreamt? What is it?
I am not the guesser of a dreams.
Do not trust her, all is empty.
I trust to own eyes;
The century I did not meet, I give a subscription,
That was to her though a little similarly!
He do own all. Yes tell in a detail,
Where you were? So much years go wandered!
From where you go now?
Whether is now to me to that!
Wanted to go round the whole world,
And has not gone round the 100-th share.
(Stand hasty.)
Forgive; I am hastened to see more likely you,
Did not come in a home. Farewell! In an hour
I will be, a detail of the slightest I will not forget;
To you the first, you then tell everywhere.
(In the doorway.)
As she is good!
Famusov (one)
Which et is from two?
'Ah! The father, the dream has in a arm! '
And tells me aloud it!
Well, it is guilty! What was given by me to a hook!
Molchalin recently into a doubt has entered me.
Now... Yes in a burn from a fire:
That a beggar, this a dandy-friend;
Declare * the squanderer, the madcap,
What is for the commission, * the Creator,
To be the adult daughter the father!
The end of I action
Famusov, the servant.
Parsley, you are eternal with a new thing,
With the torn apart elbow. Get et a calendar;
Read not so as the sexton, *
And with a feeling, a sense, an arrangement.
Wait et. - On a sheet draw on a note,
Contrary the next week:
To Praskovya Fedorovna in the house
On Tuesday calling me on a trout.
Where go so wonderful a light is created!
Philosophise - a mind will be turned;
So you are protected, so a dinner:
Eat a three hours, and per a three days will not cook!
Note up, in this et day... No, no.
On Thursday I am calling on a burial.
Oh, a human genes! Has come in a forgetting,
That everyone there should climb,
In that small chest where neither to stand nor to sit down.
But on him who intends to rest a memory
A laudable life, here is an example:
The dead man was the respectable chamberlain,
With a key, and to the son the key was able to deliver;
He is rich, and by the rich was married;
Has married a children by, a grandsons by;
Has died; all about him regrettably remember.
Kuzma Petrovich! The world to him! -
That for ases in Moscow live and die! -
Write: on the Thursday, one to one,
And can on Friday, and can so on Saturday,
I should at the widow, at a doctoress do christen.
She has not born, but by a calculation
On mine: should give a birth...
Famusov, the servant, Chatsky.
A! Alexander Andreich, we ask,
Sit down.
You are occupied?
Famusov (to the servant)
(The servant leaves.)
Yes, a different affairs for a memory in the book we are brought,
It will be forgotten, that look.
You something are not become cheerful;
Tell, why? An arrival is mine not during a time?
To Sofia Pavlovna what
A grieves has whether happened? .
Has at you in the face, in a movements a vanity is.
Ah! The father, has found a riddle:
I am not cheerful! . In mine years
It is not possible to be started up to me a dancing!
Nobody invites you;
I have just asked a two words
About Sofia Pavlovna: perhaps, she is unhealthy?
Fie, My God forgive! Five thousand times
Repeats same by same!
So Sofia Pavlovna on a light is not present likely,
So Sofia Pavlovna is sick.
Tell, to you she is liked?
Has gone through a light; whether you want to marry?
And to you on what is?
Me is not worse to be asked,
After all I am similar to her a little;
At least really *
By the father not without a reason am named.
Let I will woo, you what to me would tell?
I would tell, first: do not whims,
By a manor, the brother, do not operate oversightly,
And, mainly, go to serve.
To serve I would glad, to cringe is nausea.
That so by so, all of you are an arrogant men!
Would ask, how a fathers did?
Would study on an elders do looking:
We, for example, or the dead man uncle,
Maxim Petrovich: he is not that on a silver,
On a gold do eating; a hundred persons to services;
All in an awards; goes arrive eternal by a ztug; *
A century at the court, yes at a what court yard!
Then is not that nowadays,
At a sovereignine Ekaterina he is served.
And during that time all are important! In a forty pood...
Give bow - by a tupey * they will not bow.
The grandee is in a case * - to more,
Is not as another, and saws and ate differently.
And the uncle! What is your prince? What is the count?
A serious sight, a haughty customs.
When necessary to serve in,
And he was bent in a re-bent:
On a cutrtag* he has a case to stumble;
Has fallen, yes so, what hardly a nape do not dunn;
The old man has begun to groan, a rattle voice;
Has been welcomed by a higher smile;
Have desired to laugh; how is he?
Has half-risen, has reseted, wanted to give a bow,
Has fallen a bench by a bench - et purposely,
And a laughter more, he and in the third as so as is so exactly.
And? How is on yours? On ours - has mind.
He has fallen painfully, has risen healthy.
But, was happened, in a whist * who is more often invited?
Who hears at a court an affable word?
Maxim Petrovich! Who before all knew a honour?
Maxim Petrovich! A joke!
In ranks who deduces and a pensions who gives?
Maxim Petrovich. Yes! You, a present, - nutka!
And exactly, a light has started to be stupid,
To tell you can having sighed;
As to consider yes to look
A present century and a past century:
The legend is fresh, but to believe do work,
As that and was famous, whose a neck bent often;
As not in a war, but in the peace took by a forehead,
Knocked about a floor not being sorry!
To whom need: there is an arrogance, they lie in a dust,
And to them who are above, a flattery as a lace, so have spun.
The century of a humility and of a fear was a straight line,
All are under a face a diligence to the tsar.
I do not about yours uncle speak about;
We do not revolted him ashes:
But meanwhile whom a hunting will take away,
Though in a servility the most ardent,
Now, to make laugh the people,
Bravely to endow by a nape?
And a coeval, and an old man
Other, looking at that jump,
And collapsing in a shabby skin,
Tea sentenced: 'Ah! If to me too be! '
Though there are a hunters to rascal everywhere,
Yes now the laughter frightens and keeps a shame on a briddle;
Not in vain avariciously a sovereigns favour them.
Ah! My God! He is carbonary! *
No, now a light is not that.
The dangerous person!
Everyone is more free breathes
And does not hurry up to be entered in a regiment of a clowns.
What is speaks! And speaks, as writes!
At a patrons to yawn on a ceiling,
To be to keep silent, to snuffle, to have dinner,
To substitute a chair, to lift a scarf.
A liberty he wants to sermon!
Who travels, who lives in a village...
Yes he of the authorities does not recognise!
Who serves a business, instead of a persons...
To more strict I have forbidden these misters
On a shot to approach on a capitals.
At last I will give rest to you...
A patience, a force are not, annoyingly.
Your century I was scolded ruthlessly,
I give to you in the arbitrary:
Cast away a part,
Though to our times in an addition;
Well, I will not cry.
And to know you I do not want, a debauchery I do not suffer.
I have told.
Good, I have closed an ears.
On what is? I will not offend them.
Famusov (by a tongue twister)
Here ransack over the world, idle,
Are turned back, from them for an order wait.
I have ceased...
Perhaps, spare.
To long a disputes is not mine desire.
Though a soul release on a repentance!
The servant (enters)
Colonel Skalozub.
Famusov (do not sees nothing and do not hear)
You will send
Under a court, as to drink will allow.
Someone has welcomed to you on the house.
I do not listen, under court!
To you the person come with the report.
I do not listen, under a court! Under a court!
Yes turn back, call you.
Famusov (turns around)
And? Revolt? Well and I wait for a sodom. *
The servant
Colonel Skalozub. Will order to accept?
Famusov (rises)
Donkeys! Hundred times to you to repeat?
To accept him, to call, to ask, to tell that at houses,
That is very glad. Go on, hurry up.
(The servant leaves.)
Has shakes-hundred, the sir, at it остерегись:
The known person, a solid is,
And as a darkness a signs of a perfect has picked up;
Not on a years and a enviable rank,
Not now tomorrow the general be.
Please at him behave modestly...
Эх! Alexander Andreich, badly, the brother!
To me he favours quite often;
I to everyone, you know, is glad,
In Moscow so will add eternally in a three times:
Here as would be marries to Sonyushka. Empty!
He, maybe, also would be glad by a soul,
Yes a need myself I does not see a big
The daughter to merry on neither tomorrow, nor today;
So Sofia is young. And however, a rule of Gospodnya.
Please at him you do not argue at a curve and at a slant
And these lie ideas throws.
However there is no him! What the reason...
And! The nobility, to me has gone to other half.
(Hasty leaves.)
As fusses! What is for a hustle?
And Sofia? - Whether there is no indeed here a somewhat groom?
Since a which time me she shuns, as a stranger!
As here to her not to be! ! .
Who is this Skalozub? The father by him strongly raves,
And can be, not only that the father...
Ah! Tell that is a love end,
Who for three years afar will leave.
Chatsky, Famusov, Skalozub.
Sergey Sergeich, to us here-s.
I ask obediently, here is warmer;
You were chilled, we will warm you;
An outlet we will turn on quicker.
Scalozub (by a dense bass)
Why do to climb, for example,
To own! . It is ashamed for me, as to the fair officer.
Really for a friends do not to do to me a step,
Sergey Sergeich dear! Put a hat, unfasten a sword;
Here to you a sofa, be stretched on a rest.
Where will order, only to take a seat.
(All three sit down. Chatsky at some distance.)
Ah! The father to tell to do not forget:
Allow to be considered us as own,
Though a distant, - the inheritance do not to divide;
You did not know, and I am for a long time, -
Thanks were taught by a cousin your brother, -
How Nastasya Nikolavna is relate to you?
I do not know-s, I am guilty;
We with her together did not serve.
Sergey Sergeich, whether you are!
No! I before a relatives where will meet, by a creeps;
I will find her at the bottom of the sea.
At me a serving strangers are very rare;
More and more are the sisters, sisters - in-law of the child;
One Molchalin is to me not own,
And that in an order, that is in the business.
Whether as you will begin to represent to a crest, to a place,
Well as to not strive to the native little man! .
However your brother is to me the friend and spoke,
That a darkness of a benefits on a service you has received.
In the thirteenth year we are differed with the brother
In the thirtieth egersky *, and after in a forty fifth.
Yes, a happiness who has a such sonny!
Has, apparently, in a buttonhole an award?
For August, third; we have sat down in a trench:
To him is given with a bow, me on a neck *.
The kind person and to look - so the suffer.
The fine person is a cousin your brother.
But strongly has typed a someone new rules.
The rank followed him; he has suddenly left a service,
In a village began to read a books.
Here youth! . - to read! . And after suffice! .
You have led regularly:
For a long time a colonels, and serve recently.
I am happy enough in my companions,
A vacancies * are just open;
That seniors will switch off others,
Others, look at, are interrupted.
Yes, by a some whom the Lord will look, will uplift!
Happens, carries more happily of mine.
At us in the fifteenth division, is not afar,
Though to tell about ours brigade general.
Pardon, and a somewhat lacks you?
I do not complain, does not passed,
However does moved behind a regiment two years.
Whether go in a pursuits of a regiment? *
But, of course, in a some another
For you so far to last.
No, an older me on the case will be,
I am from an eight hundred ninth serve;
Yes, that a ranks to extract, have a many channels;
As the true philosopher I judge them:
To me if only has got in a generals.
And nicely do judge, God give a health to you
And a general rank; and there
What for to postpone further
A speech to get about a general-ine?
To marry? I do not refuse.
What is? At whom the sister, the niece is, the daughter;
In Moscow after all is not present to a brides a transfer;
To what? Breed year from a year;
And, the father, admit that hardly
Where the capital, as Moscow will be found.
Distances * are the huge size.
A taste, the father, an excellent manner;
On all a laws are:
Here, for example, at us from an ancient it is conducted,
That on the father and the son a honour is:
Be a bad, yes if it will be typed
A soul of a two thousand patrimonial, -
That and the groom is.
Another though be more nimble, inflate by any conceit,
Let have a reputation to himself by a senser,
And in a family will not include. On us to not marvel.
After all only here et and values by a nobility.
So whether this one is? Take you a bread-salt:
Who wants to welcome to us, - all right;
The door is unlocked for an invited and uninvited,
Especially from the foreign;
Though the fair person is though is not,
For us equally, about all the dinner is ready.
Take you from a head to a heels,
On whole Moscow there is a special print.
Will right to look at our youth,
On the young man - a sonnies and a grandsons.
We rebuke them and if you will disassemble, -
In a fifteen years of a teachers will teach!
And our old men? ? - As they take enthusiasm,
Will condemn about an affairs that a word -is a sentence, -
After all a stolbovye * are all, in a moustache blow nobody;
And about the government sometimes so interpret,
That if who would overhear them... A trouble!
Not that do entered a novelty, - never,
Safe us My God! No. And will carp
To that, to this, and more often to a nothing,
Will argue, will make a noise, and... Will disperse.
A direct chancellors * are in a resignation - on a mind!
I to you will tell, the nobility, the time have not come,
But that without them a business will not manage. -
And a ladies? - Come in who, try, seize;
A judges to all, everywhere, over them are not present judges;
Behind a cards when will rise by a general revolt,
God give a patience, - after all I was married.
Order to order before by a frunt!
To be present send them to the Senate!
Irina Vlasevna! Lukerya Aleksevna!
Tatyana Jurevna! Pulheriya Andrevna!
And who saw a daughters, everyones hangs a head...
Him majesty the king was Prussian here,
He do marvelled by not a Moscow way to a maidens,
Them a kind-like-ness, instead of a persons;
And it is exact, whether it is possible to be a more educated!
Are able to dress up herself
By a taftitsa, a barhatets and a smoke, *
A word in a simplicity will not tell, all with a grimace;
The French romances to you sings
And deduces a top notes,
To a military people so and so clings.
To case is that are patriot-esses.
I will resolutely tell: hardly
Another will be found a capital, as Moscow.
On mine judgement,
The fire is promoted it much to an ornament *.
Do not remember to us, whether it is not enough to groah!
Since then a roads, a sidewalks,
A houses and all are in a new way.
Houses are new, but a prejudices are old.
Be glad, will not exterminate
Neither their years, nor a fashions, nor a fires.
Famusov (Chatsky)
Hey, fasten for a memory a small knot;
I asked to keep a silent, a service is not great.
Allow, the father. Here-s -to Chatsky, me of the friend,
Andrey Ilich of the dead the sonny:
Does not serve, by so he does not find an sake in that,
But want - so would be a business.
It is a pity, it is a very pity, he is a small with a head,
And nicely writes, translates.
He is necessary to regret that with a such mind...
Whether it is impossible to regret about another somebody?
And praises yours annoy me.
Not I one, all also condemn.
And who a judges are? - For a ancient years
To a free life their enmity is irreconcilable,
Scoop a judgements from the forgotten newspapers
A times of an Ochakovsky and obedientment of Crimea;
Always ready to a judge,
Sing still a same song,
Do not noticing about himself:
What is older is worse.
Where are, specify to us, a fatherland fathers, *
Which we should accept for a samples?
Whether these, by a robbery, are rich?
A protection against a court in a friends have found, in a relationship,
A magnificent construct a chambers,
Where spread in a feasts and a prodigality,
And where clients-foreigners * will not revive
The meanest lines of the past life.
And to whom in Moscow did not clamp a mouths
By a dinners, a suppers and a dances?
Whether that, you are to whom me from a veils,
For a plans any not clear,
A children carried on a bow?
That Nestor * of a notable villains,
By a crowd surrounded of a servants;
Being zealous, they at o'clock of a wine and of a fight
Do safed both a honour and a life not timely and again: suddenly
On them he exchange a fleet three dogs! ! !
Or that still, which for an inventions
On a serf ballet has driven on a many waggons
From a mothers, a fathers a rejected children? !
Himself he is shipped by a mind in Zephyrs and in Cupids,
Has forced all Moscow to marvel to their beauty!
But a debtors * do not agree to a delay:
Cupids and Zephyrs all
Are sold one by one! ! !
Here that who have lived to a grey hairs!
Here to respect whom we should on a peaple-less!
Here our strict valuers and judges!
Now start up from us one,
From young men, will be - the enemy of a searches,
Do not demanding a places, a increase in a rank,
In a sciences he will fix the mind thirsty for a knowledge;
Or God will raise a heat in him soul
To creative, high and fine arts, -
They say immediately: a robbery! A fire!
And will pass at them for the dreamer! The dangerous! ! -
A n uniform! One uniform! It in their former life
Once do covered, is embroidered and is beautiful,
Their a faintheartedness, a mind poverty;
And to us behind them in a happy way!
And in a wives, a daughters - to an uniform the same passion!
I am myself to it whether have renounced a tenderness for a long time? !
Now into this childishness to me to fall do not;
But who then behind all was not entailed?
When from a guards, others from a court yard
Here for a time came, -
Women are shouted: hurrah!
And in air threw a caps!
Famusov (about himself)
He will involve me in a trouble.
Sergey Sergeich, I will go
And I will wait for you in an office.
Scalozub, Chatsky.
It is pleasant to me, at this estimate
Skilfully as you have concerned
A biases of Moscow
To a favourites, to a guards, to a Guards, to guarders; *
To their gold, a marvel sewing, as to the sun!
And in the first army when have lagged behind? In what have?
All so are fitted, and all waists so are narrow,
And an officers to you does reading,
So even speak, others, in French.
Скалозуб, Chatsky, Sofia, Liza.
Sofia (runs to a window)
Ah! My God! Has fallen, was killed!
(Loses a feelings.)
Who is?
Who is that?
With whom a trouble have?
She is dead from a fear!
Yes who is? Where from?
Has hurt about what?
Whether our old man has missed a chance?
Lisa (strives about the young lady)
To whom it is appointed-s, not to pass a destiny:
Molchalin on a horse sat down, a foot in a stirrup,
And a horse stand on a racks,
He is about the earth and directly in a cinciput.
A reins has tightened, well, the pity goer.
To look, how he was cracked -by a breast or a sideways?
The same, without Skalozub.
To help her by what? Tell more likely.
There in a room a water stay.
(Chatsky runs and brings. All following - in a low voice, - before
Sofia will regain consciousness.)
A glass pour.
It is poured.
A lacing release is more free,
Whisky to her by a vinegar wash,
Spray by a water. - look:
Became more free a breathing.
To blow by what?
Here a fan.
Look in a window:
Molchalin is standing for a long time!
The trifle disturbs her.
Yes-s, a young lady customs are unfortunate:
From outside cannot to look,
As a people fall headlong.
Spray still by a water.
Here so. More. More.
Sofia (with a deep sigh)
Who is here with me?
I am exact in a dream.
(Fasten and loudly.)
Where is he? What is with him? Tell me.
Let`s to himself would break a neck,
You just was has not exhausted.
Are terrible by a coldness own!
To look at you, to you to listen there are no a forces.
Will order to me to be tormented for him?
There to run, there to be, help him to try.
That there were you unaided along?
On what you are to me?
Yes, truth: not own troubles - for you an entertainment,
The native father kill youself - all the same.
(To Lisa)
Let's go there, we run.
Lisa (spend her to beside)
Remember! Where you are?
He is live, is healthy, look here in a window.
(Sofia in a window is to out.)
A confuion! A faint! A haste! A anger! Of a fright!
So it is possible to feel only,
When you lose the unique friend.
Here go. He cannot up an arm.
I would wish to be killed with him...
For a company?
No, remain at a desire.
Sofia, Liza, Chatsky, Skalozub, Molchalin (with a tie up arm) .
Has revived and is safe, a hand
Bruise slightly,
And however, still a false alarm.
I have frightened you, forgive for God's.
Well, I did not know that will be from this
To you irritatia. * A headlong have run in. -
We have shuddered! - You in a faint have fallen,
And what is? - All fear is from anything.
Sofia (do not looking at anybody)
Ah! Very much I see: from an empty,
And all still now I shiver.
Chatsky (about himself)
With Molchalin no words!
However about myself I will tell,
That I am not cowardly. So, happens,
The carriage will fall down, - raise: again
I am ready to skip once again;
But the slightest all in others me frightens,
Though there is no great a misfortune from that,
Though is unfamiliar me, - do not have an affairs to this.
Chatsky (about himself)
A forgive asks from him,
That the time about someone has regretted!
Allow, I will tell to you a message:
Princess Lasova someone here is,
The equestrian, the widow, but is not present an examples,
That arrive with her a many gentlemen.
One of these days she have bruise in a down, -
Jockey * has not supported, he was considered, visibly, a flies. -
And without that she is, as audible, clumsy,
Now the edge she lacks,
So for a support searches for the husband.
Ax, Alexander Andreich, here -
Came, you are a quite magnanimous:
To a un-fortune of a near you so are not indifferent.
Yes-s, this I am now showed
By my most assiduous trying,
By both a sprinkling, and a washing;
I do not know for whom, but I have revived you!
(Takes a hat and leaves.)
The same, except Chatsky.
You to us will be in the evening?
How early?
Be earlier; a house friends will gather
To dance under a fortepiano, -
We are in a mourning so it is impossible to give a ball.
I will be, but to the father to come I was promised,
I will to give a bow.
Scalozub (presses a hand of Molchalin)
Your servant.
Sofia, Liza, Molchalin.
Molchalin! As in me the mind is whole remained!
After all know, how life to me is your darling!
What is for to it to play, and so it is careless?
Tell, what is at you with a hand?
Whether to give a thaw to you? Whether a rest is necessary?
Go to the doctor, should not to neglect.
By a scarf has tied up, it is not sick to me since then.
I will hit about a mortgage that is a nonsense;
And if not to the person, it is not necessary a bandagings;
And that not a nonsense that to you not to avoid publicity:
On a laughter, go look, Chatsky raises you;
And Skalozub as own crest will twirl,
Will tell a faint, will add a hundred emfine;
To joke and he is ready, after all now who does not joke!
And whom from them I value?
I want - I love, I want - I will tell.
Molchalin! As if I did not force myself?
You have entered, a words has not told,
At them I was not dared to die,
To ask at you, at you to look.
No, Sofia Pavlovna, you are too frank.
Whence a reserve to gather!
I was ready in a window, to you to jump.
Yes that is to me to whom? To them? To all universe?
Ridiculously? - Let joke them; annoyingly? - Let scold.
This frankness would not damage to us.
Really on a duel you will want to cause?
Ah! An evil tongues are more terrible than a pistol.
They sit at the father now,
Here as so you have flit at a door
With the cheerful face, it is carefree:
When to us will tell that we want -
Till as belived willingly!
And Alexander Andreich, - with him
About a former days, about that mischief
Develops in a stories:
A smile and a pair of words,
And who is enamoured - on all is ready.
I do not dare to advise to you.
(Kisses to her a hand.)
You want? . I will go to be kind through a tears;
I am afraid what to sustain a pretence will not can.
What for here Chatsky's God has brought!
Molchalin, Liza
A cheerful creation are you! The live!
I ask to start up, and without me you are two.
What is your face!
As I love you!
And the young lady?
On a post, you...
(Wants to embrace her.)
From a boredom.
I ask far away a hands!
There are at me a three bagatelles:
There is a toilet, an artful work -
Outside a mirror, and a mirror inside,
Around all are a cut, a gilding;
A small pillow, from a beads a pattern;
And the nacreous device -
Needle set and knife -lets as are lovely!
The pearls pounded in a whitewashs!
Lipstick is for a lips, and for other reasons,
With a spirits a glasslets: a mignonette and a jasmin.
You know that I am not flattered on an interests;
Tell better, why
You with the young lady are modest, and with a parlourmaid are a rakes?
Today I am sick, a knit I will not remove;
Come during the lunchtime, stay with me;
I all to you will open a truth.
(Leaves at a lateral door.)
Sofia, Liza.
I was at the father, there there is nobody.
Today I am ill, and I will not go to have a dinner,
Tell to Molchalin, and call him,
That he has come to visit me.
(Leaves to himself.)
Well! A people are in the local party!
She is to him, and he is to me,
And I... Only one of love to a death I am afraid, -
And how not to fall in a love with bartender Petrusha!
The end of II action.
Chatsky, then Sofia.
I will wait her, and I will compel a recognition:
Who at last to her is lovely? Molchalin! Skalozub!
Molchalin before was so silly! .
A most sorry creation!
Unless has grown wiser? . And that is
A groaher, * hangman, a bassoon, *
A constellation of a maneuvers and a mazourka! *
The destiny of a love - to play to her in a blind-man's-buff.
And me...
(Sofia enters.)
You are here? I am very glad,
I wished it.
Sofia (about myself)
And very much inattentively.
Certainly, do not for me searched?
I did not search for you.
Whether be know to me is possible,
Though and go not in a case, no needs:
Whom do you love?
Ah! My God! The whole world.
Who more to you is lovely?
There are a many, a native.
Be more me?
And I want that, when all is solved?
To me in a loop to climb, and to her is ridiculous.
Whether want to nobility of a true a two words?
The slightest strangeness in whom hardly is visible,
Your cheerfulness is not modest,
At you immediately the sharpness is ready,
And you...
I? Isn't that so, it is ridiculous?
Yes! A terrible sight, and a sharp tone,
And in you a chasm of these features;
And over youself the thunder-storm wherein is not useless.
I am strange, and who et is not a strange?
That one who is similar to all fools;
Molchalin, for an example...
An examples to me are not new;
Considerably that you are ready to bile a vent on all;
And I am to not disturb, from here I will evade.
Chatsky (holds her)
Stay please.
A time in a life I will be like.
Rest we these argue.
Before Molchalin I am not right, be guilty;
Perhaps he is not that three years ago:
On the earth a such transforms are
Of a provings, a climates, both a customs and minds,
There are a important people, had a reputation for a fools:
Other on an army, other by a bad poet,
Other... I am afraid to name, but it is recognised by the whole world,
Especially in a last years,
That became clever though where.
Let in Molchalin a mind is a brisk, the genius is courageous,
Whether but there is in him that a passion? That a feeling? That an ardency?
That, except you, to him the world whole
Is seemed an ashes and a vanity?
That a hearts everyone beating
By a love was accelerated to you?
That to a thoughts by everything, and to all him affairs
By a soul - you were, to you an pleasant is? .
I feel it, tell I cannot,
But that now in me boils, excites, enrages,
I would not wish and to the personal enemy,
And he? . Will keep a silent and a head hang on.
Certainly, he is quiet, all by such are not quick;
God knows, in him what secret is hidden;
God knows, for him that you have invented,
Than him head never has not been filled.
Perhaps, your qualities have a darkness,
Admiring him, you have give up to him;
He is not guilty of what, you are in a hundred times more siner.
No! No! Let he is clever, a hour from an hour is cleverer,
But whether you he costs? Here to you one question.
That is more indifferent to me to suffer a loss,
As to the person you, which with you are matured,
As to your friend, as to the brother,
To me allow to be convinced of that;
From a madness I can be carefull;
Will go further to cool, to cold.
To not think about a love, but I will be able
To be lost all over the world, to be forgotten and have a good time.
Sofia (about himself)
Here unwillingly from a mind gone out!
What to be like?
Molchalin recently could remain without a hand,
I am live in it a party have accepted;
And you, casual for this time,
Have not taken care to count,
That it is possible kind to be to all and without an analysis;
But the true in your guesses can is,
And I take hot him under a protection;
What for to be, I will tell to you straight,
So unrestricted on a language?
In a contempt to people so unhidden?
As to a ranked a mercy is not present! . That?
Happen to whom to name him:
A hailstones of a causticities and your jokes will burst.
To joke! And the century to joke! As you on it becomes!
Ah! My God! In dead I from those,
Which aim of all life -is a laughter?
To me it is cheerful, when the ridiculous I meet,
And more often with them I miss.
In vain: it is all concerns another,
Molchalin to you would bore hardly probable,
When would converge more shortly with him.
Chatsky (with a hot)
Why you so have shortly know him?
I did not try, God has meet on us.
Look, in the house he has got a friendship of all;
At the father a three years serves,
That often uselessly annoys,
And by a silence he will disarm him,
From a kindness of a soul will forgive.
And, by the way,
A cheerfulnesses he could search;
No many: from an old men will not step for a threshold;
We frolic, we laugh loudly,
He with them will sit down all day, glad not glad,
All the day plays!
Is silent, when him scold!
She does not respect him.
Certainly there is no in it this mind,
That is the genius for others, and for others is a plague,
Which is fast, brilliant and fasten be a contrary,
Which a light abuses on the spot,
That though a something a light has told about him;
Whether yes a such mind will makea happy family?
A satire and morals -are a sense of this all?
She does not cost in a penny him.
A wander property
He is at least: compliant, modest, silent.
In the face no a shade of an anxiety,
And on a soul no an missteps,
To strangers and to curve and to slant does not cut, -
Here for somewhat I love him.
Chatsky (aside)
Plays pranks, she does not love him.
To finish I do to you help
A Molchalin imagination.
But Skalozub? Here an emlooking;
For an army stands by a berg,
And by a straight a camp,
By a face and a voice the hero...
Not my novel.
Not yours? Who will solve you?
Chatsky, Sofia, Liza.
Lisa (in a whisper)
Madam, for me now
To you Alexey Stepanych will be.
Forgive, it is necessary to go to me more soon.
To a hairdresser.
God with him.
Nippers will chill.
Start up to itself...
It is impossible, we wait for an evening a visitors.
God with you, I remain again with my riddle.
However allow to me to come, though furtively,
To you in a room for some minutes;
There a walls, an air - all is pleasant!
Will warm, will recover, to me will allow to have a rest
A memoirs on that is transiently!
I will not sit up, I will enter, all is two minute,
Then, think, a member of an English club,
I there will offer whole days to a rumour
About a mind of Molchalin, about a soul of Skalozub.
(Sofia shrugs by a shoulders, leaves to herself and is locked, behind her and Liza.)
Chatsky, then Molchalin.
Ah! Sofia! Indead Molchalin is selected to her!
And than not the husband? In him only it is not enough a mind;
But to have children,
To whom did lack a mind?
He is obliging, modesting, in the face the flush is.
(Molchalin enters.)
He is on a tiptoe, and is not rich by a words;
By what fortunetelling was able to her in a heart to get!
(Addresses to her.)
To us, Alexey Stepanych, with you
It was not possible to tell a two words.
Well, a way of a life your what is?
Is without a trouble now? Is without a grief?
In a former way-s.
And before how have lives?
Day for a day, now, as yesterday.
To a feather from a cards? And to a cards from a feather?
And the set hour to an inflow and an outflow?
On a measure I am of a works and forces,
Since I am registered on Archives, *
A three an award has received.
Have calling a honours and an eminence?
No-s, own talent at all...
At you?
A moderation and an accuracy.
The most wander two! Also cost our all.
A ranks, on a service failure were not gave to you?
A ranks are given by a people,
And a people can be deceived.
As we were surprised!
What is et a miracle here?
Felt sorry for you.
In vain a labour.
Tatyana Yurevna told something,
From Petersburg being turned back,
With a ministers about your communication,
Then a rupture...
To her why is care?
To Tatyana Jurevna!
I am not familiar with her.
With Tatyana Jurevna! !
Century we did not meet her;
Has heard that the foolish.
Yes it, full, whether-s that?
Tatyana Yurevna! ! !
Known, - besides
A rank-ing and an official -
All to her a friends and all native;
To Tatyana Yurevna though time to go you would.
On what be?
So: quite often there
We find a protection, where we do not mark.
I go to a womens, yes only not behind it.
As she is affable! Good! Lovely! Simple!
A balls gives it is impossible more richly.
From Christmas and to a post,
And in the summer a holidays on a summer residence.
Well, right, what would you at us to serve in Moscow?
And an award to take and to live cheerfully?
When in an affairs - I am from a joying to hide,
When to play the fool - I play the fool,
And to mix two these crafts
There is a darkness of a art man, I am not from their number.
Forgive, however here I do not see a criminal;
Here Foma Fomich, a sign he have to you?
Well what be?
At a three ministers there was a chief of a department.
He is transmissed here...
He is good!
The empty person, from the most confused.
As it is possible! A him syllable here set in the sample!
You have read?
I am of a nonsenses not the reader,
And more than the exemplary.
No, I so could read with a gratefulness,
Not the author I am...
And by all it is appreciable.
I do not dare mine judging to spell.
Why so it is confidential?
In mine years should not dare
Own judgement to have.
Pardon, we are not a children,
Why et an strangers opinions only sacred?
After all it is necessary to depend on others.
Why it is necessary?
In a ranks we small.
Chatsky (almost loudly)
With such feelings, with such soul
Loved me! . The cheat-ine laughed onto me!
Evening. All doors wide open, except in a bedroom to Sofia. In the long term
a number of the shined rooms reveals. Servants fuss; one of them, main,
Hey! Filka, Fomka, well, more handle!
A tables for a cards, a chalk, a brushes and a candles!
(He is knocked to Sofia on a door.)
Tell to the young lady faster, Lizaveta:
Natalia Dmitrevna, both with the husband, and to a porch
Still the carriage has approached.
(Disperses, rest one Chatsky.)
Chatsky, Natalia Dmitrievna, the young lady.
Natalia Dmitrievna
Whether I am mistaken! . He it is exact, on the face...
Ah! Alexander Andreich, whether you are?
With a doubt look from a feet to a head,
Indead so a three years have changed me?
Natalia Dmitrievna
I believed you far from Moscow.
Whether is for a long time?
Now only...
Natalia Dmitrievna
For a long time?
As happens.
However, who, looking at you, will not marvel?
More full former, have got a prettier fear;
More youngly you, fresher became;
A fire, a flush, a laughter, a game in all lines.
Natalia Dmitrievna
I am married.
For a long time you would tell!
Natalia Dmitrievna
My husband -is the charming husband, here he now will enter,
I will acquaint you, want?
I ask.
Natalia Dmitrievna
Also I know a forehead,
What is will be pleasant to you. Look and judge!
I trust, he is to you the husband.
Natalia Dmitrievna
Oh is not-s, not is therefore;
Is by himself, on a customs, on a mind.
Platon Mihajlych my unique, invaluable!
Now in a resignation, there was a military man;
And confirm all who only knew before,
That with him bravery, with a talent,
When a service would continue,
Certainly, he would be the Moscow commandant.
Chatsky, Natalia Dmitrievna, Platon Mihajlovich
Natalia Dmitrievna
Here is my Platon Mihajlych.
The old friend, we are familiar for a long time, here is a destiny!
Platon Mihajlovich
Fine, Chatsky, brother!
Kind Platon, nicely,
A praise sheet to you: you behave regularly.
Platon Mihajlovich
As you see, brother:
The Moscow inhabitant and is married.
Are forgotten a noise camp, companions and brothers?
Is quiet and lazy?
Platon Mihailovich
No, is a some studies:
On a flute I repeat a duet
A-molny... *
What is repeated back to that a five years?
Well, a constant taste! In a husbands of all be more expensive!
Platon Mihailovich
Brother, you marry, then me remember!
With a boredom you will whistle one and one.
From a boredom! How? You render a tribute to it?
Natalia Dmitrievna
My Platon Mihajlych to a differently studies is inclined,
Which are not present now, - to a studies and to a reviews,
To an arena... Sometimes he misses at a mornings.
And who, the kind friend, orders to be to you idle?
Will give in a regiment, a squadron. You are ober or a staff? *
Natalia Dmitrievna
My Platon Mihajlych by a health is very weak.
A health is weak! Whether is for a long time?
Natalia Dmitrievna
All rumatism * and a headaches.
A movements more. In a village, in a warm edge.
Be more often on a horse. A village in the summer -is a paradise.
Natalia Dmitrievna
Platon Mihajlych loves a city,
Moscow; for what in a solitude he will ruin own days!
Moscow and city... You are the odd fellow!
And you remember a former?
Platon Mihailovich
Yes, brother, now do not so...
Natalia Dmitrievna
Ah, mine friendy!
Here so fresh that a force is not present,
You have swung open all and have unbuttoned a waistcoat.
Platon Mihailovich
Now, brother, I am not that...
Natalia Dmitrievna
Obey a time,
My darling, clasp more soon.
Platon Mihajlovich (cool bloody)
Natalia Dmitrievna
Yes depart far away from a doors,
There the through out wind blows behind!
Platon Mihailovich
Now, brother, I am not that...
Natalia Dmitrievna
My angel, God's please
From a door depart further.
Platon Mihajlovich (an eyes to the sky)
Ah! The mother!
Well, God judge you;
Et exactly, you was not that in a short time;
Whether in a last year, in the end,
In a guard I knew you? Only a morning: a foot in a stirrup
And you rush on a fleet stallion;
An autumn wind blow, though in a front, though from a back.
Platon Mihajlovich (with a sigh)
Eh! Brother! A nice then life was.
The same, the Prince Tugouhovsky and the Princess with six daughters.
Natalia Dmitrievna (by a thin voice)
Prince Peter Ilich, princess! My God!
Knyazhna Zizi! Мими!
(A loud kisses, then take seat and looking for one another from a heads to a feet.)
1st knazhna
What is fine style!
2nd knazhna
What are folds!
1st knazhna
It is sheathed by a fringe.
Natalia Dmitrievna
No if would see mine turlurlu * satiny!
3rd knazhna
What is a scarf * cousin * to me has presented!
4th knazhna
Ah! Yes, is barege! *
5th knazhna
Ah! A charm!
6th knazhna
Ah! As lovely!
The princess
Ss! - who is it in a corner, we have ascended, has bowed?
Natalia Dmitrievna
The visitor, Chatsky.
The princess
Is dis-band-ed?
Natalia Dmitrievna
Yes, go travelled, recently he was turned back.
The princess
And single?
Natalia Dmitrievna
Yes, unmarried.
The princess
Prince, prince, here. - More live.
The prince (to her turns an ear trumpet)
The princess
To us for the evening, on Thursday, ask fast
Natalias Dmitrevna acquaintance: he is!
The prince
(He goes, is twisted about Chatsky and coughs.)
The princess
Here that are children:
To they a ball, and the father be dragged on a bow;
A dancers became awfully rare! .
He is a chambers-cadets? *
Natalia Dmitrievna
The princess
A rich?
Natalia Dmitrievna
Oh, no!
The princess (it is loud, with all forces)
Prince, prince! Back!
The same and Countesses Hrjumins: the grandmother and the grand daughter.
The countess the grand daughter
Ax! Grand ' maman! * Well who so early comes?
We are the first!
(Vanishes in a lateral room.)
The princess
Here us abuses!
Here the first is, and us for nobody considers!
Harms, in a maids the whole century, God will forgive her.
The countess the grand daughter (having returned, directs on Chatsky a double lorgnette)
Mse Chatsky! You are in Moscow! How were, all such?
On what to change to me?
The countess the grand daughter
The single have returned?
On whom to marry to me?
The countess the grand daughter
In a foreign lands on whom have?
Oh! Ours darkness, without a distant inquiries,
There marry and us give a relationship
With an artesses of a fashionable benches.
The unfortunate! Should whether a reproaches bring
From a immitationess to a milliners?
For that do dared to prefer
An originals to a lists? *
The same and set of other visitors. Between other Zagoretsky. Men
came, shuffle, depart aside, wander from a room in a room and so forth
Sofia from herself leaves; all to her towards.
The countess the grand daughter
Eh! bon soir! vous voila! Jamais trop diligente,
Vous nous donnez toujours le plaisir de l'attente *.
Zagoretsky (to Sofia)
On a tomorrow's performance have a ticket?
The Zagoretsky
Allow you to hand over, in vain who undertook
Another to you to do a favour, but
Where go I rushed!
In an office - all is taken,
To the director, - he is to me the friend, -
With a dawn at the sixth o'clock, and by the way either!
Since an evening nobody could not get;
To that, to this, all were by me knocked down;
And this at last I has stolen already by a force
At one, the old man he is sickly,
To me the friend, the known homebody;
Let will stay in a rest at home.
I thank you for the ticket,
And for a trying do twice.
(Come more somebody, in the meantime Zagoretsky departs to men.)
Platon Mihajlych...
Platon Mihailovich
Go away!
Go you to women, lie they and them to fool;
A truth about you I tell on is same,
That is worse than any lie. Here, brother,
I am recommend!
How such people call more politely?
More gently? - The person he is secular,
The known swindler, the cheat:
Anton Antonych Zagoretsky.
At him affraid: to transfer * he is ready,
And in a cards do not sit down: will sell.
The original! He is grumbling, and without the slightest rage.
And to be offended to you it is ridiculous;
Except a honesty, there is a set of a please:
Abuse here, and there thank.
Platon Mihailovich
Oh, no, the brother! At us abuse
Everywhere, and everywhere accept.
(Zagoretsky is stirred in a crowd.)
The same and Hlestova.
Whether it is easy in a sixty five years
To be dragged to me to you, the niece? . - A torture!
A hour beaten went from Pokrovka, * a forces are not present;
A night -is a doomday! *
From a boredom I took with myself
The arapks-maid yes the doggie;
Rule them to feed et, a mine friendy,
From a supper banish a tip.
The princess, hello!
(have sitting)
Well, Sofyushka, my friend,
What at me arabka for a services:
The curly! A shovel by a hump!
The angry! All cat's ways!
Yes as she is black! Yes as she is terrible!
After all the Lord has created a such tribe!
Devil real is; in a maiden * she is;
Whether to call?
No-s, during other time.
Present: them as an animals, deduce for a show...
I am listened, there... The city is the Turkish...
Whether and you know, who to me has laid up? -
Anton Antonych Zagoretsky.
(Zagoretsky is exposed forward.)
The fibber he, the gambler, the thief.
(Zagoretsky disappears.)
I from him was also a doors on a lock;
Yes the master to serve in: to me and sister Praskovya
Two arab-lets at a fair has got;
Has bought, he speaks, a tea in a cards has cheated;
And me a present, God grant to him a health!
Chatsky (with a laughter to Platon Mihajlovich)
Not be a health from a such praises,
And Zagoretsky himself has not sustained, was gone.
Who is this merry fellow? From what rank?
This? Chatsky.
Well? And what has found the ridiculous?
To that is he glad? What here is a laughter?
To laugh at an old age is the sin.
I remember, you to a child with him often do danced,
I for him ears have pull, only is not enough.
The same and Famusov.
Famusov (loudly)
We wait for prince Peter Ilich,
And the prince yet is here! And I was hammered there, in the portrait!
Where is Skalozub Sergey Sergeich? And?
No; it seems that is not. - He is the appreciable person-
Sergey Sergeich Skalozub.
My creator! Has deafened, is ring more any pipes!
The same and Skalozub, then Molchalin.
Sergey Sergeich, were late;
And we were waited for you, waited, waited.
(Convoys to Hlestova.)
Mine bride, which is for a long time
About you is speak.
Hlestova (sitting)
You were before here... In a guard... In that... In the grenadierial? *
Scalozub (bass)
In him highnesses, you want to tell,
New-Zemlyansky mushketersky. *
Not the masteress I am to distinguish a regiments.
And uniform is awards:
In an edging an uniforms, an epaulets, an buttonholes.
Lets go on, the father, there I will to laugh you;
A funny whist at us. For us, the prince! I ask.
(Him and the prince convoys with himself.)
Hlestova (to Sofia)
Uh! I precisely have got rid of a loop;
After all mad your father:
She was gave to him of a three sazhen daring boy, -
Acquaints, not asking, whether is pleasant to us, whether is not?
Molchalin (submits to her a card)
I have made your party: monsieur the Cook,
Foma Fomich and me.
Thanks, my friend.
Your spitz-dog - a charming spitz-dog, is no more a thimble!
I do ironed all him; as s silk wool!
Thanks, my native.
(Leaves, for her Molchalin and many other ones.)
Chatsky, Sofia and some strangers, which in continuation
Well! A cloud I has herded...
Imposible either do not to continue?
Than I have frightened you?
For that he has softened the angered guest,
I was wanted to praise.
And would terminate by a rage.
To tell to you, what I thought? Here:
Old women all - the people angry;
Not thin, that at them a server by the well-known
Here was, as a thunderous tap.
Molchalin! - who is another will settle so peacefully all!
There a pug in time who will stroke!
Here during a time a card who will rub!
In him Zagoretsky will not die!
You recently to me was estimated him properties,
But many have forgotten? - Yes?
Sofia, then N.
Sofia (about itself)
Ah! This person always is
The reason for me of an awful frustration!
To humiliate is glad, to prick, he is envious, proud and harms!
N. (Approaches)
You are in a thought.
About Chatsky.
How have found him on a return?
He is not in the mind.
Indead has become crazy?
Sofia (having kept a silent)
Not, that absolutely...
However there are a signs?
Sofia (stares at him attentive)
It seems to me.
As it is possible, in these years!
How to be!
He is ready to trust!
And, Chatsky! You love all in a clowns to dress,
Conveniently whether to dress on youself?
G.N., then G.D.
Has become crazy! . It seems to her! . Here on!
Not without a reason? So... From what she would take?
You heard?
About Chatsky?
What is it?
Has become crazy!
The empty.
I have not told, others speak.
And you to glory it are glad?
I will go, I will enquire; tea, somebody yes knows.
D., then Zagoretsky.
Trust to the talker!
Will hear a nonsense, and immediately repeats!
Whether you know about Chatsky?
The Zagoretsky
Has become crazy!
The Zagoretsky
And! I know, I remember, heard.
How to me not to know? The example case left;
In the mad was hidden him by the uncle-cheat...
Have seized, in the yellow house, * and on a chain have planted.
Pardon, now here in a room he was, here.
The Zagoretsky
So from a chain, have to be, let out.
Well, dear friend, with you it is not necessary a newspapers.
I will go, I will spread a wings,
At all I ask; however chur! A secret.
Zagoretsky, then the Countess the grand daughter.
The Zagoretsky
Which is Chatsky here? -A known family.
I was once familiar with some Chatsky. -
You heard about him?
The countess the grand daughter
About whom?
The Zagoretsky
About Chatsky, he now here in a room was.
The countess the grand daughter
I know.
I spoke with him.
The Zagoretsky
So I congratulate you!
He is the madman...
The countess the grand daughter
The Zagoretsky
Yes, he has gone mad.
The countess the grand daughter
Present, I have noticed;
And though a bet to hold, with me in one you are a word.
The same and the Countess the grandmother.
The countess the grand daughter
Ah! grand ' maman, here a miracles! Here a new!
You have not heard a local troubles?
Listen. Here a delights! Here it is lovely! .
The countess the grandmother
Mine frient, me an ears mutet;
Tolt more lout...
The countess the grand daughter
Time is not present!
(Specifies on Zagoretsky.)
Il vous dira toute l'histoire... *
I will go, I will ask...
Zagoretsky, the Countess the grandmother.
The countess the grandmother
What? What? Whether is not present here a fire?
The Zagoretsky
No, Chatsky has made this commotion.
The countess the grandmother
How, to Chatsky? Who has send in a prison?
The Zagoretsky
In mountains he has wounds in a forehead, has gone mad of a wound.
The countess the grandmother
What? To a farmasons * in a clob? He has gone in a Moslem?
The Zagoretsky
Her you will not right.
The countess the grandmother
Anton Antonych! Ah!
And he run, all in a fear, in a hurry.
The countess the grandmother and the Prince Tugouhovsky.
The countess the grandmother
The prince, the prince! Oh, this prince, on palls, himself hardly preathes!
The prince, have heard?
The prince
E -hm?
The countess the grandmother
He hears nothing!
Though, may pe, saw, here polizmeister * was?
The prince
The countess the grandmother
In a prison, the prince, who has seized Chatsky?
The prince
Ih -hm?
The countess the grandmother
A hatchet to him yes a satchel,
In a soltiers! Whether a joke! Has changed the law!
The prince
The countess the grandmother
Yes! . In a moslem he is! Ah! Damned volteryanez! *
What? And? He is deaf, my father; get the small horn.
Oh! A deafness is the big defect.

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