Friday, December 13, 2013

Grim's Thoughts. Comments

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I've cried tears that turned to oceans.
Since the dawn of man, I have all ways been larking.
I judge not the color of skin, nor age, nor sex.
I rule time, and when it runs out I take it.


Gary Hembree
Khairul Ahsan 20 July 2018

A nice poem on sin, personified.

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* Sunprincess * 19 October 2015

....wonderful poem, I love the way you personified sin....nice ink ?

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Bri Edwards 05 February 2014

i was not familiar with lark as a verb. so i did a little online research. v.i. 3. to have fun; frolic; romp. 4. to behave mischievously; play pranks. i guess using lark is ok, but the defintions seem to make me think of activities i don't usually associate with anger, sorrow, and sin. well, MAYBE SIN! I have all ways been larking. ....i think you want always here. am i incorrect? thanks for sharing. bri :)

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Ashley Kolakowski 17 December 2013

this is amazing gary. Don't give up

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Gary H 15 December 2013

Thanks very much, means a lot to me.

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Noreen Carden 15 December 2013

Wow Gary this is a fantastic poem i am astounded by your way with words this is a ten for sure well done

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