Jayeeta Shamsul

Happy Journey - Poem by Jayeeta Shamsul

Happy Journey:
I travel by tram,
Plugging music on eardrum,
I observe the rustic charm,
Till my home comes!
Many eyes glued to smartphones,
As people get app prone;
The tram is painted red and yellow,
It has dark brown windows,
Inside it a young couple tangos.
My tram forges like a lizard,
I stare outside as old habits die hard,
The world is boozy through brown glass.
The studious studs carry books,
Stylish gals flaunt tattoos,
The office-goers snooze lightly,
The snoozes give me lullaby.
Teen couples get cuddly,
Mom consoles her brawling baby,
Slowly the sky gets cloudy.
Trams get crowded on rainy days,
People carry raindrops on their bodies
They enjoy the joy ride.
Often the tram gets toxicity by deodorants,
I hardly inhale sweats,
I want to buy detergent
To wash the printed pants.
I observe the outside cacophony
Crowd makes a buzzing symphony,
I sigh on the confectioneries,
Random people flock on patisseries
Small children crave for pastries
I distinguish the skyscrapers’ monotony
As I watch the never ending tapestry.
One streets, people love to sip tea, coffee
Some just pop candies
Grave churches are silent
Punk piercings make me violent
Expensive cars park before restaurants
Skyscrapers make the city magnificent
I want every journey to be significant
Rich boutiques act like selfish giant.
The street lights are radiant
The mild moon is crescent
Some are always jubilant.
Still, my heart recalls the tattooed fingers,
Of my fellow passenger,
Passengers love to read newspapers
While others indulge in app downloader
People wear unique studs on ears
Still they never tolerate a starer.
Lazy tram pisses them off
But they come in chaos
As the tram takes me home
I try to defy boredom
I try not to be a sadist
I can’t differentiate a b/n stud n slut
I won’t buy the crystals
I am a mere passenger
I wait for the tram’s arrival
Every day I watch my city like a traveler.

Topic(s) of this poem: journey

Form: ABC

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 26, 2015

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