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Hard Rubbish

Rating: 4.5

Birch leaves flutter over
dearly departed PCs,
their CRT monitors,
empty and out of date.

Autumn light dances upon
once upon a time mattresses,
limp and soggy -
after recent rain.

Sulphur-crested scavengers
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hard evidence of imbalance distribution of wealth..........your hard rubbish is open to vast interpretation......good job Allie. love always, Sulaiman

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Ted Sheridan 17 May 2008

Hard driven poetry..........

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Joseph Daly 17 May 2008

This is great Allison. The last line, whilst poinient, reads as a parody, giving the poem a cynical flavour. The structure is almost Blakean (a term I borrowed from Patti Smith) and has that seriousness of intent, whereas the subject suggests that great tradition from Swift onwards. Lovely mordern day language use Allison, as ever.

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David Harris 16 May 2008

Allie, this is a great write. The say that great mind think alike, A just over a week ago I wrote a poem along the similar lines as this called A Throwaway Society. My imagery wasn't as half as good as the striking imagery you present here. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Duncan Wyllie 16 May 2008

I have often pondered after visiting a refuse site, that our rubbish would be another's Best! So sad the injustice of waste Alison you have shown your light here again All the very best Shine on * Love duncan X

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Chuck Audette 05 June 2008

Too true. Glad you said it. But... frugallity is a lost cause when a replacement is cheaper than the time it takes to repair... (I'm thinking of all my xmas light strings that don't work!) . sigh... -chuck

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Ian Bowen 26 May 2008

Alison, great idea for a poem and really well executed. Ian

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Andrew Blakemore 25 May 2008

A wonderful interpretation of the developed world's waste. One rich man's rubbish is treasure for a poor man. Excellent work Alison. Love Andrew x

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Raveendran . 24 May 2008

A brilliant versification that warns the wasteful who would soon leave a barren land for a posterity that would losing senses fade away.

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David Desantis 20 May 2008

how very true alison...we waste so much, it's pathetic...and im as guilty as anyone else...do i really need a brand new car/guitar/clothes.....and why does a brand name even matter...the west is full of nothing but materialism...very sad...but atleast the 3rd world is catching up....hopefully we can all figure out how to reduce waste -david

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