Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Harvest Moon Comments

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Harvest moon hanging high
Watching us Gods ancient eye
Poets write you distant cold
While i observe your core


Lungelo S Mbuyazi 03 December 2017

Beautifully crafted, with nice rhyme...very nice to read.

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Brian Stafford 03 March 2015

very interesting poem, well written!

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Mary Forrester 17 August 2014

Delightful poem Noreen, a joy to read.

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Bri Edwards 16 May 2014

anothar one i've read and commented on in the past, but (unless the poem has been changed since last year) i'm shocked that i didn't point out some things i see in it now. guess i'll send a message about it. :) bri

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Daniel Brick 08 May 2014

You make magic with your perception of the moon as yellow/golden instead of white/silver. In just three stanzas you both alter and affirm the moon of our long imagination. You affirm its presence in the nocturnal aspects of human life - lovers, time, death even - but also alter aspects of it, with the ageing men feeling bereft and jealous of the young - but I think if they really soaked in that golden light they would be reconciled to ageing and rejoice in the happiness of the young! It's only natural that the moon's changes alerts us to ageing and offers consolation.

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Daniel Brick 06 April 2014

It's amazing how the yellow color completely changed your reaction to the moonlight. And the reader's, of course, through your words. I felt ready for a mellow poem for the harvest season but instead was impacted by a disturbing change in expectation. You sense a heart of gold which is insightful. I sense something awry in the heavens. The last two lines bring in the theme of love and death which young people don't realize and old people don't acknowledge. This leaves me with a complex of emotions I can't fully wrap my mind around. But that's one of the important roles of poetry: Don't lull me with mellowness. Alert me with God's paradoxical yellow eye staring down. I'm saving this poem because I think my view of it will change as I change.

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Amitava Sur 29 January 2014

A lovely imagery of the harvest moon, caring and sharing us all through..... loved it

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Mike Barrett 10 December 2013

Love the imagery.... and overall feeling of the poem. Well done - thanks for sharing!

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Yasmin Khan 26 November 2013

A beautiful harvest moon with a heart of gold has been depicted so nicely.

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Bri Edwards 20 November 2013

noreen, i found a spot for this in MyPoemList, though the list is getting rather long. i even put some of MY poems in it. where else? ? i especially enjoyed the second stanza. i don't recall hearing before the moon being compared to God's ancient eye. is that original (from you) ? don't worry; i won't tell if you borrowed it, the phrase God's ancient eye. it would be too good to pass by. thanks for sharing. :)

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Heather Wilkins 22 October 2013

a beautiful harvest moon. always looking down on us. the poet expresses well.

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Hazel Durham 25 September 2013

Suoerb write you have caught the magic and mystique of the harvest moon with inspired lines!

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Khairul Ahsan 23 September 2013

A beautiful poem with an appropriate title. I guess many readers have had a look at the moon while or after reading your poem, as we had a full moon few days back. It's nice to imagine how this beautiful orb binds the children of the universe together, as we all at times gaze and wonder at the same moon, our moon!

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Unwritten Soul 20 September 2013

Noreen...i read it perfectly on time..its full moon now...its beautiful! , and your poem too :) .. Today i saw some chinese kids playing with beautiful lantern...(its night here now) , really it so cool to combine what i have seen today to in your poem..lovely_Soul

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Sally Plumb Plumb 15 September 2013

I love moon poems....... love this one.

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Patricia Grantham 14 September 2013

You have truly written a beautiful about the moon. I have looked at it with admiration and see all of its wonderful splendor. I have a poem called Diamonds in the Sky and Snowflakes. Please take a peek when you have time. Loved your write.

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John Brown 11 September 2013

I'll look at the moon afresh now after reading this. Nice one Noreen.

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Geetha Jayakumar 06 September 2013

Beautiful poem on moon. Flow of poem is good. You have expressed it beautifully.. I loved it.

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 05 September 2013

You light the path young lovers stray as their bones molder in the clay my fav lines from this wonderful poem.

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Dave Walker 04 September 2013

A wonderful flowing poem, a really great write.

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