Haunted Forest

Beyond the path howling can be heard in the wind,
Down the path, lies the darkness, the forest of sin,
Hovered by tree tops, and barks with horrifying grins,
The haunted forest, where no one should dare go in,
The trees talk in the most hoarse of tongues,
The spiked leafed trees, doesn’t welcome anyone,
The haunted forest, the most horrifying tunes are sung,
Horrifying nature of reality projected from their tongues,
When one goes in no one comes out,
Paved into the darkness the dead end route,
With every trespasser a new tree sprouts,
With every trespasser that enters it leaves horrific shout,
The ultimate horror of nature without a shout of a doubt,
The forest of darkness, the darkened torturous death,
Victims strangled by the vines that take their last breath,
Inside the mouths, the carnivores eat their heads,
The stream inside the forest, the river where victims bled,
The stream of bloody tears, painted red,
Visions of the darkest Christmas night, the red and green,
The green trees hovering in darkness and the bloody red stream,
The forest, the beauty of nature is not what it seems,
Victims enter the darkness wishing it was all a dream,
But in reality it’s the fatal nightmare in extreme,
A last prayer is often said, followed by a horrifying scream,
The forest said to be haunted, around the area no birds sing,
In the forest, the talking and most deadly trees stand supreme,
No sunlight shines through the darkness, it’s covered by the night,
Pure horror of lost souls inside the trees, scariest form of nature in plain sight,
The trees curse at trespassers in the dialect of spite,
The trespassers enter the forest without the invite,
Their bodies fed to the trees for the ultimate sacrifice,
Around their necks their grabbed in the grip of vice,
For the meal they use their razor sharp leaves to slice,
Into tiny pieces the body rests in pieces, the ultimate price,
With a sign that says “do not enter” the sign lays on the ground,
Into the forest where the human body is hell bound,
Inside the forest you can hear screaming of the most tormenting sounds,
With nothing but darkness, bodies lay all around.
Sunday, June 20, 2010

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