Hazy's Ballad Poem by Parwin Jadan

Hazy's Ballad

The Jealousy flu

Sanguine Hazy

Hazy and the sleepy bashful pomegranates
A fig tree born from whispers of the cave
Olive trees juiced from the solidity of pallid mountain
After a vivid rain
Before that was a fight between grey and white blur
Eagle tiger lion vapors speaking together
Hazy can't sleep, his jubilant sheep telling him a story to put him to asleep

The Glitter Cockroach and the Bushy Ogre

Once upon a time in The Pineapple Lands
Hazy; the herd canopied by his blond kitten his gorgeous princess Anella want just to catch her shadow
Here is the whole tale happened at a throng cage
Mr. Cockroach can't work can't do only thinking of the others? ? ?
Wear old dusty clothes wear stolen jewels eat only balls of grime, ho ho ho
He has hot fellow Mr. Ogre womanizer adore doing things in night only at night
Sleeps a lot too a lot
To gawk at naked bodies and fetch fetish
Don't gape at morn or else you puke
After hard work soiree…
One day the boss; cockroach puzzled why that hunky herd never get tired of working priceless? After two hours of making up of dirt wearing his black-white jacket under sugary-shirt calling:
Oh, dear Hazy mahy may oh lah lah no no how lucky you are no girlfriend to think or to love or to feel I wish to be like you but. Alas I have a broken heart of most beautiful princess in the world Lovana her grassy eyes palm walk umh ebony hair drive me crazy, but you don't have anybody bother your heart you work as donkey, man, as mole hum why? Listen I am your best friend who is in that youthful pulp..?
Hazy looking up and down around talking to himself 'sometimes there secrets man can't notify.'
The sitful cockroach stand up shouting
Lonny kid so you are not human come-on
Who? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
That happy pretty lady ate your mind
Say her name and I let her genuflect beneath your fingers
Hazy staggered' I am a man can't trust '
Cockroach mind-boggling 'your brother is made of deep well like abyss.
Hazy 'you have promised me no one in the world must know! '
At that tick the cockroach eyes was playing merry go round, 'go ahead all human like you and all knew that your bunch of sheep get lost yesterday from your off mind and only eating carrots and apples! ! !
Hazy laughing 'Aha right fellow cause there was nothing to eat only this, it is not from women, dear and only ate mint cause it is free on the tombs…humhhhh
Cockroach' yak how can you eat such thing?
Hazy as intelligence guy 'yea aye who is in your heart first Cockroach?
Cockroach' my dear group of yellow spiders told me 'Lovana follow me as shadow'
Hazy who is Lovana?
Cockroach offffffff don't you know the little princess.
Hazy secretly smiling' so you are close on the road
Cockroach nauseatingly goggling at hazy harlequin form.
Hazy's cerulean heart quivering' never forget no body must know my cute cockroach'
Cockroach trust me baby.
To satisfy the cockroach questing badly Hazy 'her sister'
Cockroach 'shame on you! Or you barmy you love the same one of mine'
Hazy stand up God forbear, the princess… the older one
Cocky stabbed 'oh you are never ever little oh you are so devil oh you took the best one!
Hazy 'what best what? we are from different planet she from up and sun and me from moon.
Cockroach 'Heheeee once her sister Lovana was in love with me in past follow me as niggard always, but the jealousy Midi the white donkey split the heart from the soul and the cow Anoka presented other noble guys but look dear Hazy always be with me to see what the princess doing eating dancing chatting thinking playing and reading, I am genius in such stuff? ?
Hazy' This is stupid games it's not my ways really I don't like that but why I can't believe you?
Cockroach put some mire and Hazy wash his face 'Be with Me and the woman is yours forever.
Hazy 'but, my lovely sheep? ? ?
Cockroach let aunt anti Mola care about them she is brawny, think about yourself.
Hazy oh Mr. cockroach your problem sweet pie! you think I am not happy I see my love in every second I live.
Cockroach 'So no woman can't bear your fancy world
be factual ha ha ha you never find playful times you are as old old old tiger can't hunt anymore…'
Hazy 'Nay, but I am hungry I work a lot so I need to eat spinach parsley and Jew's Malta.
Cockroach 'No no no food just watch and see what they are doing, baby.
Hazy surrendered well, I give all my dreams songs heart imagination feeling/interrupting him Cockroach 'shush you must tell me the details is the way to their heart lad, now let me decorate you as nobleman until princess Anella notice you'
'Let's stalk as prince slowly we have very long time very long time to (the Mud hut) there is this odor make you glad urine for wash and stool for make up there our thoughts walk.
Hazy at the name of princess Anella decided to bear everything to get his love and the poor boy turned as yoyo accompany the glimmer cockroach.

One in a sunny day hey day they met the Ogre is yawing want to be messenger of looks letters
Asking 'What's wrong with you Hazy oh, you are very handsome and soapy brown hair as wave oliva damn eyes you what are you doing?
Hazy working in the meadows climbing mountain singing dancing the bear dance I live in very happy times cause I am alive.

Ogre and cockroach make a dam front of princess Anella an Lovana and their safeguard elephant hippo if any mouse or turtle going to look or watch.

Day after day hazy became as marionette doing what they say as obedient slave and all he gets from the secret attic feed it to his new accompany gave it to them.
Every time they come just across the Vital Castle hazy eyes turn to a clouds without drops.
Ogre and cockroach always chew the fat each other by the sewer gutter for hours and hazy, too
About how that fool be patient all that time?
How can he believe this fake play and illusions and never get upset or angry or even be lunatic?

Blaze the Heart
They build a plan an orphan youth make a relation with Anella to break Hazy's heart this gossip turned hazy upside down forget all his life and anger and jealousy make him put dust in his own eyes to not see Anella again and become as silent rock.

All the pineapple folks hated him cause he turned sloth burned with rage and anger can't sing even though he was only hurl his pain to God.

Ogre and cockroach sucks Hazy's own blood and Hazy has no appetite for food only having water to keep him alive waiting for his relieve.

Aunt Mola; Hazy's relative

Sick sheep get lost cause he slept in spider's web and flu disease attacks all the people of pineapple's lands
Aunt Mola mourn 'where is the tornado herd? Weeping and her eyes become very weak cause she is doing what the young herd have done before of planting trees fixing the houses healing the ill people by the green tea lemon herbs.
Mute in the party
Everybody left Hazy alone in the storm of hate jealousy and control
All and sundry knows the whole plague came from Mr. Ogre and the boss, so no one can help the poor herd even Hazy's old fellow Hoary; was busy in the Cocoa Tavern of birds and rabbits.

Boredom eating the boss and the ogre and said
'you freak coward you can't help us you care not about us just as dupe drinking water and here we are suffering and you always silent can't help your own friend what a friend you are? ? ? ho ho ha
Hazy 'look I am not afraid but I respect her majesty to not bother they by my present.
The boss said' after two years making me waiting you don't care about me only your silence putting me crazy.


Hazy as brave leader catch Princess Lovana's noble hand and showed all his friend Cockroach love to Lovana even he is blind show all his knowledge and talents for his friends at that time princess Anella thought that her favorite herd, who used to sing for her from far valley in love with her own sister Lovana and the war start to eat her heart as volcano and Hazy doing his best to show others love to beautiful princess Lovana felt happy with such hunky guy dancing around as little girl saw
Santa clause cause she didn't find anybody as true as Hazy.

Tittle-tattle buzz scandal peppered that hazy is madly in love with Lovana.
And all his mind is mixed with Anella who hate him more than when she loved his tone.

Hazy thought he won the war and turned to a clown of jollies watch himself at the mirror for hours and cockroach and ogre asked frogs help to know what Hazy passions and knew it fro a pieces of broken mirror.
Hazy deliberation that Lovana told Anella that Hazy is real man youthful noble and praised hazy front of her but the play went down and sunk because Anella's ill-thinking is that Lavana is in love with Hazy
In the back yard castle, cockroach said that His love doesn’t has attention or consideration to the boss or admiration that Lovana gives the whole care to you Hazy might she is in love with you, Hazy?

Hazy never ever say that this impossible and I am going to prove it for you my best friend wait and see.
Hazy spending long time in hut cockroach Ogre locks hus hair as noble blood as high elite class wearing bracelet putting perfumes from uncle Mosha's market
On the red edge the pineapple lands went and Anti Mola left and Hazy's cottage turned to a trash
The rally getting longer and longer for the favor of Mr. cockroach who is trying to dash hazy to the pit shift
While Anella depressed that happy hazy escort the dirtiest creatures in the world and want to tell such folks about her that what put her in anger and jealousy, too.


Hoary felt about Hazy's idiocy and slap him and said
Everything is odd you odd not the hazy I knew who faced the world with no cloth no form only bold cobalt heart now, you like fop as others I run from such model always talking to mirror are you losing your sane you even don't visit me any longer what's wrong? Con.
Hazy can't let others suffer for him went madly to put dust more in his eyes.
Devil cockroach never ever let Hazy and Anella meet by poisoning Hazy's heart that Lovana who care's about Hazy.

At Hazy's birthday cockroach brought a brilliant gift for hazy and hazy for the first time someone present a gift in the castle front of Anella own sight but Anella is cheated by wolves games Hazy with strong will want to confess all for the princess even if he died
White clouds black clouds sun playing hide and seek wind walking with Hazy
Cockroach what a form what a style to see your Anella today I am going to introduce you to the princess Anella as you have done for me before to know that I am your best friend
Hazy' As you wish even you didn't do that you are my best friend'
Cockroach' so you don't need me '
Hazy' Not really but let God judge I believe a lot in his fair.
Cockroach 'OOOOffffffffffffffffffffffffffff………..if you didn't listen to my dispirit with Lovana.

Sky curved to a negro grey heaven raining angrily roads getting cleaner thunder's bolt striking
In the room of worm snakes, snails and bugs cockroach gave red poisoned sugar Hazy said 'thank you now I am going to sing for my birthday!
Cockroach pleased while hazy chocking and the boss laughing he is dying but Hoary put in Hazy's sack bottle of water when he drink it he felt better little
Cockroach let me lock your hair
Hazy if I looked the whole world no body cares about me as you Glitter good friend thanks!
Cockroach' don't thank me I am your brother let make you up as groom in his first night.
Hazy common don't say that that make me want to piss
While he is cheerful and plucking Haze's hair no man I love three white curls.
Cockroach' shame on you three white hair in your head what if the princess saw it hum? ? ?
Hazy 'love doesn't think about such things it is soul sympathetic'
Cockroach ' Women care about the polished form'
Hazy 'yea it's work for some but the true women needs care love kind word warm touch to equal men in same handling sharing appreciate'
Cockroach 'From which donkey you save this words huh Hazy' From nature care about her seed fine weather day after day you get the wheat harvest
Cockroach' In reality this is garbage let me put eye nobles lines for you' coals powder' hazy felt as knives going in his eyes then he wash it and God gifted hazy with sea's eyes and knew at that jiffy who is his real enemy and he accompanied a pig but not for sure yet

It is raining as flood is invading
In the castle's garden Anella's holding an umbrella guards around her but she is wailing with sorrows Hazy just looking up and behind him backbite with nails dirt's dead hair sucking his blood and he almost faint and agony moment dancing Hazy saw black sturdy eagle roving as his soul and felt that Anella went under the rain to die as queen not as slave Hazy smashed the cockroach in one blow then run as tiger to save his beloved swimming in the flood to get his own heart who was coming across to save her heart too

At the Lantern Hall
Souls whispering words slept and felt as a little born baby and someone feed him milk banana cookies as new pen new book new house and all world become flowers pinky red white green black blue and rainbow smiled brown carpet.
After the rain cockroach came didn't died yet touching and kissing Anella's white fingers and asking Anella how's she but Anella knew what He is so didn't care about smashed cockroach

On the way to haze's cottage he realized the bitter taste of truth burned the black memory of old friends washed his cottage worked a lot cleaned all sewer with limes and oranges peels can't stop then lamenting in regret and repent of his awful sins
Hazy can't cry anymore
Just sitting alone
Regret sucks his mind
Went bare foot on the snow
sleep in water
Angry went angry went away
Only why? Why? Why?
I damn trust trust in a devil friend like
Friend is only nature flower animal floods volcano quakes thunders Angels
But not in masks, now I am going to sing the last song and see what going to happen
Traveling away traveling away
Smiles with me not sad cause I always live with my second divided from the moment I born and in paradise we might meet that depend on my deeds chums
Flute harp playing tapping drums
Doves came as seesaw
The result of red black white cat candies
Strange I am but everywhere I sing from my sanguine heart this song
Oh ho ho oha ho ho ha ha ha hammmmmmmmmmmmmm
Wise white man I am not mad
Wise white man
I am mad to live love
Mad to give to live and light the world in peace
Doctor butcher pills can't stop the heart to beat to read and lead I do respect you I do respect you
As much the sky is raised and sea exist and open
No no one in the world can say that hazy is nutty
I am mad yes I am mad I am mad only for working working working
Heaven and earth sing dance as white tiger
Past is dead as tomb R.I.P
Grey writing on it always save it in mind
Evil rest burn in hell
Aid hour
Sheep jumped from the valley
Turn on the moon little moon
Light sun
One group of real flock
Comeback as dream
On white cloud
Dancing all joined hands circle dance
As one book
The green cover
The white begging
The black hours
No end
Always open rive
Big verdant valley

Pineapple lands welcomed him as prince
And forget that he was absent from truth
Absent from his believe
From the milting eyes of Anella
Hoary took him to accept everything cause power is to let devil loves you and never ever get you and without jealousy some can't improve but with odium fury envy other couldn’t knew
As oak hold us bury us loves us
As song I heard from a great singer
Walk straight
Strong back
Head raised
Look down
Trust in yourself
Whatever you are
Be yourself
As princess Anella always want him to be Hazy no more just her prince
Aunt Mola present to Hazy the haughty hehe hazy
Wool hat new cap new gumboot
To begin his life as a bee…

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