Monday, September 7, 2015

He Comments

Rating: 3.5

He saw a girl standing in the rain.
He wondered how she could be so beautiful yet look so sad?
He wishes he could have the strength to talk to her.
To know why she stands there in the rain.


Gary Hembree
Bri Edwards 16 October 2015

gee, some guys fall in love SO quickly! this gives the readers a chance to ponder and to make some decisions for themselves about the characters in the poem. a bit of a fantasy, i'd say. i like the questions; i don't have the answers. a hello, i think, can make a big difference sometimes. it usually doesn't hurt the speaker to say it at least. dees it? bri :) entertaining......the poem i mean. reminds me a bit of some poems by John Westlake.

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Kay Staley 10 September 2015

A nice poem. Good energy and I feel horror as I read this; why did he miss that opportunity? But then it is easy to resonate with because we all could have saved the one that got away, or at least tried...but now we will never know. I see a lot of strong A sounds and it makes the poem almost have a semblance of crooked rhyme. Keep writing like this and see where it takes you.

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Noreen Carden 09 September 2015

Really terrific Gary it has a ghostly feel to it really enjoyed reading this well done my friend

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James Mclain 07 September 2015

Ghost's might some times subconsciously stand over what once was what she now is.. iip

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