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Heaven? - Poem by Sean Miller

Red, yellow, blue! A flash of green, I appeared in the forest. Trees the size of skyscrapers, with each leaf a new color. With another blinding flash of orange I was sailing above the desert. The only sense was the dry, sandy taste of the wind blowing in my mouth. Blue!
Now I was falling from the sky. Freedom and peace sounded in my ears. The wind blew throughout my hair. Amazing! I thought. How could this be happening? All I do is think of a color and I appear in a different place! Ok…uh…red! Now I am in the blood stream of an insect! The only way I knew that this is an insect was because I had passed by the eyes and saw a foot ready to smash me…wait, oh no! Black! ………………Outer space! Wicked! HA! I am the first human to…cant breath! Oh no! I don’t have a helmet! Oh yah! I know! Green! There was a tremendous flash of green. Yes! It worked. I, once again, was safe back in the forest…I took a look around. I walked for about an hour before I came upon a cube, a massive cube. Almost as big as the Sherman oak! It was glowing with millions of objects lights resembling fireflies with colored lights! What is it? I must have been out of my mind. I reached out and touched it.
Nothing happened…strange? So once again, I must have been crazy. I closed my eyes tight and leaped as hard as I could in to this glowing mass. I started flipping out of control. My limbs were spread out in every direction. I felt like I was having one of those dreams were you fall off a cliff and wake up right before you hit the bottom. Except, the one difference was that, there was no bottom. It was like some kind of wormhole or something. Suddenly everything went black. Next I stopped moving. Not at a slow pace either. I stopped so suddenly I felt as if a car hit me. No, more like a bus actually. I blacked out.
When I came-to, every thing was still black. But wait…there was a small light. It seemed to be floating. I reached out to touch it, but stopped myself mid way. Dude! What happened last time you touched a foreign object? ” I said to my self…
“It was amazing! ” I replied. I grabbed at the light. Nothing happened. I was bummed, for I thought that something might happen, at least another ride in the tunnel of doom. But nothing became of it. But wait. What’s that? It started to multiply. “What is this, what’s happening? ” I thought. There were about a thousand little dots when this awkward happening stopped. Then the strangest thing happened… Yes, I know what your thinking, “how could any thing get stranger…” Anyways, they formed little words. It was hard to make out because they kept going smaller and smaller.

When I finally made out what it said it read, “ When you are not awake, I am here, but when you are alive I become fake”

“What? ” I thought to myself. What does that mean? Hmmm… Well “when your not awake” must mean sleeping. And “but when you are alive I become fake” must mean you can only experience this when you dead.

Oh no! ! I must be dead! ! What happened? How could I die so young?
By now the lights had disappeared. And I could here a faint sound in the background. It grew louder. And louder yet! I listened carefully, “Bruce! Wake up honey! Oh my gosh! Wake up! ” I covered my ears because the noise was beginning to hurt my ears. Then my legs began to weaken and my stomach filled with excruciating pain…
I blinked, and I was in a bed. “What happened, were am I now? ” What are all these wires doing? What? Why do I have restraints on me? I must be in a hospital!
“Honey, you’re ok! ! ” said a woman in her 40s. She looked familiar but I just could put my finger on it. Daughter? No. Employee? No. Ah ha! My wife!

“You hit your head when that man crashed into you.” She said. “You were out for 3 years.”
3 years! ! It seemed like a couple hours? Where was I?

Was I in heaven?

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