Bizzy Little

Hello, Friend - Poem by Bizzy Little

A new face...


why hello there.

I haven't happened to

see you around...


Take a seat,

I was just beginning!

You are so fortunate.

The warm hot chocolate,

It's just gotten

Off the oven.

Have you heard the story

Of the great monster in the snowy world?

I bet you haven't! -

It's such an exciting tale.

It's so funny how

Simple words

can just


like that,

whip you right out

from under your seat.

The tale about the hunters-

the best friends who discovered

the Secret Path of the Ancients

as they trekked...

Don't you wish you could know how it feels

to have someone so close by?

I bet they told stories

by the campfire

to each other,

all kinds of stories

all the time,

all the time.

And suddenly,

you don't know where you are


it's a delightful vacation

at the price of a penny or two

and the best part,

no homesickness,

new friends

and a whole new world.

What about tales you know?

What you have lived

What you have seen

Everything you have learned

And everything only your heart knows-

and I'll share mine, too.

And before you know it,

It will be time for you to leave,

and friends will have been forged

and it was only one talk

over something so simple

as our stories.


why hello there,

it's been a while since I've seen you,

... my friend.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 30, 2011

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