Her Needs Poem by Randy McClave

Her Needs

She knew his wants and also his pleads
Because she too had her own needs,
She wanted to be pleased and also pleasured
With a memory to last, and to be treasured.
She has no boyfriend or no spouse
All that she has now are plants and cats in her house,
And instead of having or needing a man or an adult boy
She instead, has a toy.
A toy though isn't the same as the real thing
Though a pleasure it too can always bring,
It is just something kept in her cabinet or bin
When she decides she needs some pleasure, fantasy and sin.
Of course a woman has desires and needs of her own
And without a male at her side she is all alone,
And of course it always has taken two to have fun
Ever since life and sex had begun.
She now has no man in her life
She is no one's girlfriend or no one's wife,
The boyfriend that she had she sees and cares for him no more
Just because he always wanted more.
Now she knows of his temptation and desire
Now inside of her loins there is a need and a fire,
But, at her boyfriend she is still hurt and still very mad
And because of her feelings she don't ever want to see him glad.
She badly needed and still badly wanted sex
But, instead with a stranger she hooked up with her ex,
But, she didn't want him to see her with a satisfying smile
So, she did him doggystyle.

Randy L. McClave


Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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