Rhonda Hero

Her Rightful Place - Poem by Rhonda Hero

It is not as if she did not know what was really going on
she chose to ignore it to keep the peace and please her
husband even though he would beat their child daily.

She never once came to the rescue when he was hurting
her all she ever did was tell the child if only you would have
been quiet like I told you than none of this would happen.

People visited than the child was the center of their conversation.
They said we 'adopted' her you know she came from such a bad
home the child sat motion less quiet as a church mouse.

After the company left all went back to it's normal way the child
being jerked out of bed all hours of the night made to stand up
all night if she moved or fell from exhaustion she would be shot at.

They always asked her why it was she couldn't be a perfect child
like the china dolls they had sitting everywhere always sitting smiling
so perfect never uttering a word or talking back her mother loved them.

She the child tried to be perfect in every way she never asked for a
thing she would ask to use the bathroom to have something to eat
but the answers were always the same 'no' she would pee herself.

The mother would take her clothes off paddle her behind and scream
your so bad why did we ever adopt you anyway all you do is cause
me grief you go to the bathroom when we say you do, and eat too.

This went on and on for years no one ever knew if they did perhaps they
just didn't want to get involved people minded their affairs and stayed out of
others peoples business it was safer that way so many learned.

Maybe if one would have took that leap of faith and told about the child
maybe than she would not have had to grow up feeling like she is was an
nothing, a nobody, invisible but she did grow up thinking that they didn't care.

Than the parents died the child left unseen by the world the things she told
no one wanted to hear or believe her they said you had wonderful parents
you were so lucky to have parents like them boy were they wrong about it.

She is on her own now each day she tries to make herself believe the positive
things people say about her she knows a lot of them are just being nice but
she tries but she knows she is the ugly duckling, the black sheep no one wants.

Things might change but she would have to thrust the people first before that
could ever happen she trusts very few and even at times she thinks they are
just being kind so she just takes it day by day, minute by minute and waits.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 21, 2010

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