Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home Comments

Rating: 4.5

Better than higher hotel
Home sweet home is better to be there

More than better areas for fun


Luwi Habte
Joseph Poewhit 11 July 2009

No place like home--

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Olivia Lee Crowell 12 June 2009

nice poem I like my home too

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Fathmath Sana 08 June 2009

let me guess... your home is the best place for you! better place! it sure is. for me too. i never get out of my house! HOME SWEET HOME! nice and excellent poem. really fascinating. you have a better glossary than me. keep it up my friend! ! ! ! 10/10 for my friend! love, Sana

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Afzal Shauq 06 June 2009

More than a vacation to great states Home sweet home is better space More than a journey which costs a lot Home sweet home is delicious to stay on what a sweet stanzas of your very swet and rich the way you did it with very much professionally... best of luck dear firend

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Konjit Berhane 01 June 2009

Great poem Luwi GReat one... you really must miss home... well keep on writtin peace

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