Roald Dahl

(13 September 1916 – 23 November 1990 / Cardiff / Wales)

Hot And Cold - Poem by Roald Dahl

A woman who my mother knows
Came in and took off all her clothes.

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  • (1/17/2018 12:08:00 PM)

    this is a funny poem (Report) Reply

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  • Rajnish Manga (12/12/2017 9:24:00 PM)

    I will repeat Savita Tyagi's words- So much is said without being said.
    But where is the humour? It's all very bold and sensuous.
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  • (12/12/2017 11:36:00 AM)

    A short witty write with humor. (Report) Reply

  • Savita Tyagi (12/12/2017 10:11:00 AM)

    Brilliant. So much is said without being said. (Report) Reply

  • Anil Kumar Panda (12/12/2017 9:52:00 AM)

    Really very hotti and funny. Enjoyed the flow and concept. (Report) Reply

  • Kumarmani Mahakul (12/12/2017 6:24:00 AM)

    This humorous poem is very powerful and interesting really. Very brilliant idea is shared with reflection of words.10 (Report) Reply

  • Tom Allport (12/12/2017 4:10:00 AM)

    a humorous poem of how we all perceive different situations? ............nicely penned (Report) Reply

  • Bernard F. Asuncion (12/12/2017 2:07:00 AM)

    Such a funny poem by Roald Dahl😆😆😆👍👍👍 (Report) Reply

  • Practicing Poetess (12/12/2017 1:20:00 AM)

    I just love Roald Dahl!
    This poem is short, and devilishly funny!
    (Report) Reply

  • (12/12/2017 1:12:00 AM)

    Oh is it only ghoulish demeanor or the mere murky mouthing of a meager mind.......anyway it's so funny........
    thanks for sharing
    (Report) Reply

  • Lungelo S Mbuyazi (11/27/2017 3:24:00 PM)

    Last two lines though! (Report) Reply

  • Robert Murray Smith (6/23/2017 10:20:00 PM)

    Quite funny but not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination. (Report) Reply

  • Gerhardus Keen (2/24/2017 3:48:00 PM)

    Excellent and funny with a bit of the innocence of a child. (Report) Reply

  • Rajnish Manga (11/6/2016 9:09:00 PM)

    I don't find anything offensive in the poem. It is a small funny poem that brings a tinge of joy. Thanks. (Report) Reply

  • Spock The Vegan (9/25/2016 3:10:00 PM)

    Funny poem. Those who think it relates to sex have their minds in the gutter. (Report) Reply

  • Edward Kofi Louis (10/18/2015 11:51:00 AM)

    Nice work with the muse of an act. (Report) Reply

  • (8/29/2015 1:57:00 PM)

    .................rhymes beautifully..great write ★ (Report) Reply

  • (6/8/2015 11:17:00 AM)

    This poem I find funny and even cute in a way. The delivery of this poem is very surprised. You can tell the kid doesn't really know about the world and he's so innocent.
    It's quite obvious that his mom is a lesbian woman but in the kids mind, he doesn't understand why the other woman has her clothes off. He thinks she'll get cold but she replies she's devilishly hot. And it just goes over his head.
    (Report) Reply

  • (2/6/2015 11:44:00 AM)

    Why must sexuality always be in the gutter? I think it prudent to remind ourselves that regardless of fairy tales with princes and princesses, we all owe our very lives to the notion that sexuality is real and wonderful. We can play charades all our lives long, if you desire the appearance of this sort of self-defined-ostrich-head-in-the-sand-prudence, surviving only for the sole reason to support monogamy because for some reason society places higher priorities on such than actual reality, which is where men and women are sexually attracted to one another. It's not in the gutter - but quite wonderful and intimate. We can be true to ourselves while still being monogamous - without the charades. (Report) Reply

  • Brian Jani (4/28/2014 3:48:00 AM)

    You surely know how to wrote, I like each and every poem of yours (Report) Reply

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