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House Fire Hero - Poem by Jamie Wright

House fire hero

Suddenly I awake in the middle of the night,
I awake to screams from my daughter and wife.
I don't know what's happened, or why they both scream,
I open my bedroom door, smoke instantly blinds me.

I exit the room, making my way down the hall,
I find it hard to breathe, I fall to me knees into a crawl.

The smoke upstairs starts thickening really fast,
With every breath I'm taking, feels like it's my last.

There now only one door away,
There screams are desperate, as they call out my name.
I find the strength to stand back on my feet,
I stumble to there room, nervously I grit my teeth.

I stand in front there room, push open the bedroom door,
I see my wife and kid curled up in a corner on the floor.
I close the door, I quickly rush over to my daughter,
Thinking to myself, how much time have I brought her.
I then rush over to my wife, who says that she is fine,
Now we need to get out this house, before we run out of time.

I go over to the window, the dropp is far to high,
I don't know what to do, I fear for all our lives.
I start to feel scared, as I can feel the temperature rising,
Smoke pours under the door, for anyone this would be frightening.

I'm running out of choices, I open the bedroom door,
I look down the hallway, I see flames rising from the floor,
I close the door, I rush over to my wife,
She's just told my daughter ' we're going to be alright ',
But she can see the fear, the fear in daddy's eyes,
Still she tells my daughter 'we will all be fine.'

I need an idea but I have to be quick,
I pick up a blanket, I realise that is it.
I tie knots at the ends of many sheets and quilts,
A thirty foot rope is what I have built.
I open the window, I throw down the rope,
I tell my wife, 'take our daughter, I will hold you both.'

I give one last kiss to my wife and my kid,
They climb down the rope, I struggle to hold it.
My body is getting weaker, also I start to choke,
Somehow I find the strength to hold onto the rope.

They're half way down now, the bedroom door sets on fire,
I feel my skin burning, as the flames keep growing higher.
There nearly on the floor now, they should be safe,
I turn and look behind me, starring death in the face.
I'm no longer scared, as my wife and daughter are safe again,
I shout down at them, 'I love you',  I realise this is the end,
Before they have the chance to say they love me back,
Our gas tank explodes, ending my life in a flash.....

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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