Kurt Kacich

House Of Cards - Poem by Kurt Kacich

The world we live, without a moral code,
The house of cards, where the bottom structure unfolds,
Society where the top sits the joker’s card,
Where the foundation shakes with architecture of disregard,
The house of cards, the shelter for all mankind,
The foundation of the house so weak it shakes,
Moral codes built on plastic cards that quakes,
Chaos of society that trembles the foundation when the beast awakes,
Such a feeble structure, such pressure it takes,
Under each fold of the card lives a class of tyranny,
That feeds on the lower class an act of notoriety,
Society of the United States where the joker card rules the house
humiliation of mankind, where equal treatment of humanity and gender is without,
Where on the second level of three rows sits the wildcard,
Representation of greed, evil, jealousy cruelty, and disregard,
On the middle level sits the king,
With rows of five it represents power that government brings,
Laws of power, evil greed, and a mask of authority where money is everything,
With the power of man so prevalent it shakes the land,
Where gender rights and racial value is completely banned,
Even though the structure appears strong, it’s a costume in disguise,
With bright color embedded on the cards, it’s a weak moral code comprised,
Comprised of reality that’s inflicts problems in the nation,
Where people distribute drugs vulnerable to human sedation,
In rows of seven projects the glory of the Jack,
The glory for every young man to follow the Kings the higher stack,
To reach fame, fortune, prosperity, and to not look back,
In the row of nine sits the queen,
The human pressure holder, the working machine,
To work, care for her children, and keep her world clean,
Abused by the King the Queen can only weep,
Weep at society of humankind that marches like mindless sheep,
On the bottom of the house in rows of twelve sits the cards of hearts,
The foundation of the house, holding the weight of the world from the start,
When the winds of greed blows it creates a quake in the tower,
Which lies a threat of no human rights, laws, freedom, and sense of power,
Without love no power exists, Without love weakness of foundation is what it depicts,
When the foundation snaps the house crumbles to bits,
When humankind falls, the scroll of moral codes burns in the pits,
The United States, the House of Cards,
The nation disguised in power, projected by weakness and disregard.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 9, 2010

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