Abdullah Rihawi

Rookie (21/5/1990 / Aleppo)

How Do I Hate Thee, Let Me Count The Ways - Poem by Abdullah Rihawi

To start or to end
To keep or to send
To wound or to mend
To resist or to bend

To LOVE or to HATE

To leave or to wait
How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways
How do thou hurt me? Let me count the days

I hate thee:
When the darkness of night shackles coercively the light
When the creatures of love be hidden really out of sight

When blossoms of emotion be closed until further notice
When verses be pressed willingly set off at short notice
When the sun be before the merrier combs her shiny rays
When the foliage for photosynthesis waits for the raise

When motherly nests cuddle their dwellers and guest
When thou move restlessly, pine for some restful rest
In the middle of such green springy lands
For my sentiments really are of my hands

When thou march across this lovely open ground
That love is gone whose eye is asleep sound
When thine be wide awake while getting some shut-eye
That mine be weepy while going to go dry

When the sun got up while the moon already left
When the sky made her bed, and bestowed her own gift
When the stars melted away and sunk into the deep sky
When the wolves stopped howling and said Goodbye

When the sun combed her hair, and washed her own face
When the crescent went into a deep sleeping and replace
When the flowers opened their petals and let
When the darlings stepped out of theirs, and met

When bashful sun, behind the dark, does set and hide
When shy rainbow, beside the horizon, does lie and bide
When blushed birds scatter unevenly, out of haven
When flushed blooms re-coloured in gloom raven

When the sun her bed doth part
While thou dost wound and start
As the falling of swaying, innocent, soft feather
As the steps, as one swaying under the weather
As haughty peacock, slowly pace and not apace
As thine, pass many a pace in herbs and, space
As falling leaves, which fall in the full fall, kindly
As thine, step forward, with no attention, blindly

I hate thee when:
Joined land, madly doth tear itself for paving a road
For thee, gladly doth sweat with lots of heavy load
As my heart into two chambers is cleft softly inside
As the eager land is split gently into two a side

I hate thee when:
Flight of birds homeland in those hills forsake
For thee look flying high over this keen lake
Does sing nicely the LOVE Song
For thee does search and long

I hate thee when:
Peopled hill does her eyes open in the morning sunny
Finds no dweller, bird, nor even one innocent bunny
Springs of tear over the cliffs doth fall as waterfall
For them do give off painfully a noisy sharp call

The sun rips again the clouds to have a look
Upon thee with dazzling eye that's already been took
The sky doth abort a new child for thee
While thou fly blindly as an errant bee

When the sky does bear a fresh rainbow
For seeing thee has already made a real vow
In the lake, his lovely colours does mirror and reflect
While thou know'st nothing but to ignore and neglect

I hate thee when:

By thy lover thou pass with pride aside
Who's singing his ballad for thee doth abide
Asking thee to stop just for a while
While thou his love take'st aim to rile
Leaving just for a stripped autumnal way
Venturing to have a gloomy sad day
For those gathering to have just a glance
At thee then set fast into a deep trance
Is it just with such conceit in love to be? ?
Despite this, me still do loyally adore thee.!

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