Kelsi Gray.

Human Nature - Poem by Kelsi Gray.

Hello my name is Billy
And I am just 13
I’m dying because someone doesn’t like me

I was a good boy mum
Always said please
What did I do wrong mum
Why did they hate me

I can’t help what I feel mum
Why were they quick to judge
They didn’t give a damn mum
Till they found out what I was

I never told a soul mum
I kept it to myself
But I couldn’t help my feelings mum
It was bad for my health

So I went to the party mum
The one we argued about
I’m sorry I didn’t listen mum
I’m sorry I made you shout

I went to that party mum
I was having so much fun
I met that boy mum
You know the one

We hung out together mum
I thought I’d made a friend
We got so drunk together mum
But it was all pretend

We sat down and talked mum
I don’t know what about
But I couldn’t help my feelings mum
I had to blurt it out

He acted like I was mad mum
Like I had some sort of disease
I felt so ashamed mum
I just wanted to leave

So I txt you I wanted to go mum
You said you’d be right there
I waited at the gate mum
Sipping at my beer

I heard heavy footsteps mum
So I turned right around
Before I could scream mum
They knocked me to the ground

They kicked me for so long mum
I couldn’t get away
They were calling me names mum
They told me I was gay

I didn’t even cry mum
I promise I was brave
When they hit me with rocks mum
A shout I never gave

You were my savior mum
They stopped when they saw your car
They’ve all run away now mum
Very fast and very far

Now I’ve made you cry mum
I'm sorry it’s all my fault
I thought I could handle it mum
Now my life is brought to a halt

Tell my baby sister mum
I loved her so very much
I’ll never forget her smile mum
Nor her gentle touch

Tell my older brother mum
That he was my best friend
And make sure you tell him mum
I loved him to the end

Don’t let father cry mum
Tell him I’m alright
And can you please tell him mum
This was my first and last fight

I can’t hear your voice now mum
It seems so far away
Everything’s gone quiet mum
In this pool of blood I lay

The pain is beginning to fade mum
My brain is shutting down
I whisper my goodbye mum
I’m no longer earth bound

Hello my name is Billy
And I am just 13
Today my friends have murdered me

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, September 17, 2009

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