Hunger-Hunger Poem by Bulent Karaalioglu


Hunger hooks even the cleverest fish. - Goethe
Hunger is such a low door that, when it becomes necessary to pass through it, the greater one is, the more one bends.
- Victor Hugo

It's easy to be a king, hard to be a man
You came to power by eating onions
I became a man by eating garlic.

With a sure profit of 10 per cent, he goes everywhere and does everything. With 20 per cent, he comes to life. With 50 per cent, his audacity becomes absolute. With 100 per cent, he tramples on all laws. For 300 per cent, there is no crime he will not commit.' KARL MARKS

(hunger limit) 2.447,72 TL
poverty line) 7.973,02 TL
A bald man asked a hairy man 'why your hair is long', the hairy man said 'under that hair it is straight and bald like you'
The truth is under the hair.
The truth is plunder.
The truth is Das Kapital.

Das Kapital ' '1 coat equals 20 yards of linen' - 153 years of Marx's ink-dried words
' Buying a car and a house are orchid flowers in the swamp of poverty.
poverty line) 7.973,02 TL

Commodified and alienated man
Fish and humanoids
Tell me, fish!
'Are you a fish in a tree?
Or are you a fish in a frying pan
Are you fried fish?

On the island of cannibals, no one who starved for love and affection died of starvation.
Strangely enough, they survived.

Sri Lanka 2019
Hungry elephants forage for food on people's rubbish
Grizzly bears foraging for food in human garbage.

I'm hungry
It's not that the soil is starving for water.
This is not an insatiable hunger for reading and learning,
My nation that makes flags flags,
You were left hungry and poor.
Women looking for food in the rubbish
Men who sell their blood and kidneys,
Those who commit suicide by writing work and love on their hands
The unemployed and the unemployed are dying
Go back to sleep
Like the sleep of death
Das Kapital 153 years old
1867 Karl Marx

Khan I Loot 1912,
108 years old, Tevfik Fikret
Eat, masters, eat.
My nation that makes flags flags
You fought for your mountains
Your Goose Mountains are left without flowers and trees
Hunger, unabashed capitalist hunger
With brain damage, hunger is an insatiable bottomless pit.
Both brain damage and capitalist hunger go hand in hand.

In the capitalist's brain centre
There is no mind, no conscience, only money.
More money than you need, more house than you need makes your mind and conscience a slave.
Who knows, more money purifies the dirt of both money and heart.
The irrational order of plunder, looting and corruption
Let hunger fill your eyes.

1243 After the Kösedağ War
II. principalities period in Anatolia
Anatolian Seljuk state and Anatolian principalities subject to Mongol -Ilkhanid state

XXI century
De facto of the Republic
I. From the corpse of the Republic
Anatolia III. to the age of principalities
Contractors Republic of Turkey
Principality within the palace state
Principalities of money and power
TUSIAD MUSIAD is a principality within the state
Principalities within a state

All citizens are equal.
Some are more equal.
Some are more equal than others.
The most fragrant orchids are marsh orchids.

Die Entführung aus dem Serail' (The Abduction from the Seraglio)
Mozart 1782 year.

Year 2020
Tenders from the palace.
Forty weights of hunger
III. Anatolian principalities
Capitalism decadent indulgence degeneration plunder and pillage
Ten-day-old donkey calf survived
Eat, masters, eat.

There's time. We've fallen back.
We flew at half-mast like a flag.
We killed women, made children labourers, kept girls out of school, made them brides.
Those with power have overpowered those with power.
Strangling each other won't be enough
There is time. On the wall of your house

For the irrational capitalist schemes of sick life, the peasant, the furniture maker, the middle class working class pay attention...
Attention, peoples of the world.
The gun on the wall will explode sooner or later in World War III...we will not offer bread and salt to each other, fire and metal will burn our skin.

Let's flip a coin vertically.
I know I've caught a relentless disease, the world is no different from me
There's no other planet.

The answer's not in looking at your cheap shoes, it's in the factory toilet,
The tin is not in the water
The answer to the question is in the verses and the clergy
They are not. They've given up on the afterlife.
2.5 million angels not to land on our shoulders 2.5 million coins and bubbles only

The human brain is programmed to protect itself in order to live.
Prove you're alive
If life says hello in the deepest waters
If a plant grows from a dead soil
If there are particles of life in space
If flowers bloom in the burning sands of the desert, in your brown diseased life
If hearts and flowers resist
Never give up the fight
I loved death because it was fair.
I loved life for the struggle
And I love it for its miracles
If you go to work even if there is a space invasion
Actually, we don't need a capitalist.

Capitalism is man's wolf of man.
Full moon and werewolf
Rentier and boss
The most beautiful thing in your cemeteries
They are flowers that grow from lifeless soil.

L'Air Du Temps, a floral and vanilla scent from the abattoir of capitalism.
He'll never get rid of the stench of sewage.

When I say our chains won,
Who knows the Don Quixote in all of us
He'll charge at windmills, even if it's a heroic dream.

Our minds,
Poverty and hunger
I've hit forty scales.
No more planets, no more labour.
Books to be burnt have risen up.
Poetry written to be banned

10 December 2020
It's 18.03 hours.

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