Nur Meiyati

I - Poem by Nur Meiyati

Dearest you
I miss you tonight
There are so many things I would like to tell you
So many
No one else in the world that I wish so much to be here
I wish you would listen attentively to whatever I will tell you
Like you used to do in our short old days
I could tell about anything and anyone to you
I could tell about my family, my friends to you
But I could not tell about you to them

But sometimes I wanted to release this burden
Besides there are messages that I want to deliver
If they are willing to catch them
So I decided to write poems about you, about us
And posted them in some of Facebook poetry groups
I think they enjoy our our very short phase of life
Still I could not tell the whole of you, the whole of our story
I had to hide some facts about us
And even I add a seasoning to them
But in fact, I have told them so
In some of my poetry
And in my comments as responses to certain comments
If they have patient enough and spare their time to browse them
So even if, suppose, only a few percents of the story really happened in the real life
They should have considered well
To say that I have been deceiving them
However, they made me understand better about what you said
That I was like the wind
I might stimulate them, thrill them, captivate them and intoxicate them
Till they became addicted to me
Even they cannot separate me from “I”

Dearest you
I wish you be here tonight
I would like to tell you about what I think and I feel right now
I admit that I like to stimulate people to think and to create
I admit that I like to know that my poems can stimulate their creativity and productivity
They can write very beautiful poems
Love poems, erotica poems, funny poems
Also poems about wisdom, philosophy of life, and many things
As they have more expertise in writing and they have more proficiency in English
That I can't certainly create them myself
I am just a beginner and never wrote or publish a book
Some of them are famous, amazing and great poets and authors
I hope their books become best-sellers
Who knows, probably they will remember me and treat me a nice sundae ice cream

(Indonesia, November 11,2013)

Poet's Notes about The Poem

To understand this poem better, you have to read my previous poems in sequence: I Informed You, 'I am Pregnant', I Will Not Leak Our Secret Relationship, Choice, Our Small Paradise, All About You and Me (optional) , I Will Be Safe, Favourite Things We Did, Love and In Love, You Are My Property, Driving, Sometimes, Timeless in a sequence. Click on the Poet's Page next to the profile photo.

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