Monday, November 18, 2013

I Am Comments

Rating: 3.5

I am human
I wonder about life as it slowly passes.
I hear the sounds of family crying.
I see nothing but black.


Gary Hembree
Kay Staley 10 September 2015

Intriguing. Nice use of repetition with the I first on every line. Also looks asymmetrical on the page. It is interestingly vague where the poem says I hope I wake up/I am human no more. Its as if the very desire to get out of yourself and into another world is what makes you truly human. I enjoyed this poem.

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Rajnish Manga 06 August 2015

This is akin to a feeling when a big tragedy strikes someone all of a sudden. Everything halts and numbness prevails. Very well expressed. Thanks for sharing. The starting and concluding lines mean so much: I am human ..... I am human no more.

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Bhavna Singh 18 January 2014

wonderfully written...i relate dis so much

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Ashley Kolakowski 17 December 2013

I relate to this so much

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Noreen Carden 26 November 2013

This poem made me shiver its a dark read but so compelling i had to read it again and again wonderful read the whole purpose of a poem is to make us feel so this one certainly does that

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Khairul Ahsan 19 November 2013

The poem has a natural flow of words, so it's enjoyable to read. I think the poem would have looked better if it were divided into 3 stanzas each starting with the line 'I am human'. Who is the 'I Am' here, is it you or some demised member of the family of whom you think about? This I say because of the following lines: ' I hear the sounds of family crying. I see nothing but black. I want to wake up but I can't.' And... 'I try to move every day. I hope I wake up. I am human no more.' I liked this beautiful line: ' I dream about me eating dinner with family'. This shows how much you value family bondage.

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