Monday, February 16, 2009

I Am Left, On My Own! ! ! Comments

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Was it on a starry night? ! !
Was it in a dusky day? ! !
I heard a clarion in my heart! !
I heard that whisper soft at heart! !


Surya . 12 May 2009

it is good u realised it so early life. it is said even children do not belong to parents.they are simply under their care only. rest is the work of Him.nice poem.posted 10. surya

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Riya Riska 26 April 2009

Sandya, this piece was truely expressed my feeling.. Some questions which haunt my soul as always.. I do enjoy it.. Keep writing my new friend! Take care.

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Rajkumar Mukherjee 08 April 2009

Dear Sandhya, If we believe in birth, death and re-birth, then we certainly know we are to carry it alone. But someone who has heard a clarion call in her heart, why at all she should be sad in her writing? We might have to crawl and see our children doing the same. That's life. Enjoy it.So much of question marks and note of exclamations made the road of the poem a little bumpy, may I say so? Still it is a good effort. I give you --9--Rajkumar N.B.-May I request you to read my poem 'Symphony' and see whether you like the flow and the rhyme. It is my first visit to your city.

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Ershad Mazumder 11 March 2009

Excellant. But to express your feelings and emotion you used many many words.Keep in mind that poetry is not prose. But still a good piece.

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Carl Harris 11 March 2009

This is certainly a fine enough poem, Sandhya, but you got carried away with the punctuation in it. You don't need all those exclamation marks where one will suffice, and especially not after a line ending with a question mark. Also, using U for you is improper in poetry, but fine on the internet shorthand e-mails that are used today. And the word 'Or' after the end of the 3rd line of your sixth verse and all it's excessive and unneccessary punctuation, should simply be the beginning word of the 4th line of that verse. All that aside, I liked this poem and it was very expressive and well told, except for that excessive punctuation.

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Salu Salu 11 March 2009

genuine and poetic reflection of thoughts.............. rgrds/salu

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Pablo Cruise 11 March 2009

Poignancy profound. Very lovely, Sandhya

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premji premji 09 March 2009

life, even in the time of love, is a journey from loneliness, through loneliness to loneliness...

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Kaushik C 26 February 2009

they say you are alone till the have shown it....all the things in world are not actually what you or me assume to be...: -) nice poem with imagery all over

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Cathy Mimano 20 February 2009

the cycle of life, grim reapers criteria, the reason we live, the season we breath-its a mystery to me.beautiful poem Sandhya

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Lalitha iyer 20 February 2009

Dear Sandhya, (I am a Trivandrum native, my house at Sreevaraham, student of Womens College and at present in Kochi.) I am touched by the pathos in your poem and I wonder at 31, probably married with kids, what tragedy befell you

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Lynda Robson 19 February 2009

A touching sensitively written piece, we all feel uncertain of our futures sometimes, very well put, 10 Lynda xx

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Miriam Maia Padua 19 February 2009

very touching....i like the words written i can relate to it though i'm not being left alone..but being attended with much attention overly cared of can also feel that being left alone...don't know what to decide and what to do... ...your piece is an expression of pain and doubt...of joy and assurance.... then finally ended sadly.... very convincing...very realistic....our life is just like this.... nice write....

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C. P. Sharma 19 February 2009

There is an incompleteness and uncertainty in the life of all of us. Our mind is unable understand it and the senses cannot feel it. Our intutive power which is the link between us and the Absolute is weak. So, we swing between the joys and sorrows. A good attempt. You started very well but faltered a bit in the middle. Well done, keep it up. CP

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A candid and powerful look at the great beyond.Thanks for sharing.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 17 February 2009

Everyone has to face his or her own destiny. There are predetermined and inevitable happenings in life.

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ata khan 17 February 2009

very sad, but beautiful poem Sandhya waiting for your new poem worth it thanks for sharing

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