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I Blame You - Poem by miss liss

I blame you for the ups and downs.
I blame you for the haunting sounds.
For your voice that echoes around this place,
For your presence that won’t fill this empty space.

I blame you for all the missed nights sleep.
I blame you for the broken promises you said you’d keep.
For all the times I didn’t know how you felt,
For making me feel like I was one more notch in your belt.

I blame you for making me feel less than I am.
I blame you for hurting me and not giving a damn.
For making me feel like I do not have worth,
For making me feel lower than the earth.

I blame you for making me feel cheap and used.
I blame you for mind games that left me confused.
For all the time I wasted, for the energy I spent,
For you not giving me one hundred percent.

I blame you for reminding me of the mistakes I made.
I blame you for the price I paid.
For my innocence that’s taken, my trust that’s lost,
For making my heart cold like frost.

I blame you for the fear in my eyes.
I blame you for my mistrust in guys.
For my timidity to new relationships holding me back,
For the sense of paranoia waiting to attack.

I blame you for destroying my perception.
I blame you for skewing my discretion.
For my belief good guys exist is now gone,
For me being in your chess game, me playing your pawn.

I blame you for ruining my impression of guys.
I blame you for me thinking they’re devils in disguise.
For all the lies you told me, for all the lies I believed,
How I will ever trust someone again is yet to be perceived.

Now that it’s all said and done,
I realize that I have won.
Breaking my heart, you left it for someone to fix,
Someone who won’t fool me with charming tricks.

Deep inside I remember what my idea of a gentleman is
I can already tell your character cannot match his
It’s a nice change of pace to have a good guy in my life,
One who hopefully won’t cause me as much strife.

You bad boys are all I’m used to so I need to adjust,
But giving this good boy a fair chance is a definite must.
For all the times I’ve cried, for all the times I’ve hurt,
From bad to good boys I must convert.

If only I was patient, if only I was strong,
I would have kept this sense of clarity all along.
Knowing what’s good and what’s right
To later prevent a breakup and fight.

I may say if only’s and what if’s till I’m blue in the face,
I may say these experiences only brought me disgrace,
But from each bad guy I had, from every one of you I blame,
I learned from every mistake and lesson that came.

Looking at all the things I blame you for,
I now blame myself for not settling for more…

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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