Melanie Weeks

I Built This House Just For You! - Poem by Melanie Weeks

I built this house just for you
We built it together, but now its coming unglued.
I am your frame because I built you up
But you’re hammering me down, I have to watch out and duck.
Do you want this house and my frame work?
You are showing it and acting like a jerk.
Why listen to your friends because they are just jealous,
I am trying to have a house and your being rebellious.
You must want a new house or a big mansion,
But I am all you’ll need! Are you focused or maybe trancin?
I am all you need or maybe more,
Before me you were considered a whore.
I have your back, but my doesn’t seem good enough,
What more could you want, what other stuff?
I admire your goals and that’s a fact,
But the way you have been acting is totally whack!
I still love you and you know that’s true,
Because when I close my eyes all I see is you!
Please don’t hammer down our house,
On your own, your house would only be suited for a mouse.
So forgive me if this is a little harsh or if it hurts your feelings,
But the truth is the truth and its out and revealing.
So let’s work on our house and build it back up,
Since the truth is out, we will have good luck.
Together our house will be stronger, beautiful, and even a mess.
But if we are honest with one another, the relationship won’t be a guess.
Now it’s all up to you to lay the hammer down and be my shoulder,
But if you don’t stop messing with me, it certainly will be over.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 28, 2008

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