Friday, December 6, 2013

I Feel Alone Comments

Rating: 3.4
When morning wears crown,
with white light of early dawn
When the sun goes down,
and day removes its gown


Hira Akhtar
Shahzia Batool 19 January 2014
a feel, attached to this poem, is transferred to the readers...effective and good in its own right!
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Hira Akhtar 27 December 2013
Thank you so are right i must not feel alone being with such supporting members and friends... :)
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Natarajan Ramaseshan 26 December 2013
The melancholy in the poem deeply touches the reader.Take heart.You are not alone.The beautiful world of poetry is with you and will be a true company. Immerse yourself in it.Good luck
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Free Bird 21 December 2013
Hira! u should not feel loneliness when Allah Almighty is with you every time.... Allah is even here when nobody is chill and have Faith on Allah..... well the flow of poem was goooooooodh :) keep writing...
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Hira Akhtar 20 December 2013
Thank all of you.....i feel very good when you people encourage me..its your love :)
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Yasmin Khan 19 December 2013
Oh, why alone, the people with loving, beautiful heart are never alone. Fairies like you are guarded by angels so you are not alone and never will be.............have faith in Almighty.
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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 19 December 2013
well, i agree with Heather writing is always be ur friend and we are in poem hunter too so, don't feel alone beside it, it is an emotional poem with great express and the words are amazing great work Hira
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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 12 December 2013
I likd yor wording here, rigadoon n pinion. Very Nice poem to portray d lonely feel. Dont forget to read my latest.
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Heather Wilkins 11 December 2013
Beautifully written Hira, You are very talented young lady, Even thought you feel alone your writing will always be a friend to you. And here on poem hunter we will be your friend also.
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Hira Akhtar 10 December 2013
thank you so much all who encouraged me and thanks to those also who discouraged, i am happy at this as well... :) i'll try to improve....
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Anil Kumar Panda 10 December 2013
very nice.take birds, clouds, bees all as your with nature and you wont feel alone.very nice poem.liked it.keep inking.
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Saadat Tahir 10 December 2013
nice lil poem.... created an aura of loneliness by emphasizing the singularity alone...... loneliness has been the intense focus of poetic prowess over time.... and you have added to it by ricocheting a lonely voice
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Xelam Kan™ 10 December 2013
mmmmm rhyming tone seems a bit awkward and again u have attempted a cliche and at the end 1000s of alone.... keep penning and before read a lot i would say read read read and then write tnx for sharing
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Mac Adrone Adonay 08 December 2013
a good poem expressing a deep solitude, keep writing! ..
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Hira Akhtar 08 December 2013
thank you so much bro for the compliment.. :)
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Bright Morn 07 December 2013
don't feel alone Hira u have to be a shelter for younger sisters a very nice poem
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