Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I Feel Like A Protesting Mood Today Comments

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I feel like a protesting mood today. Consecutive Governments all over the world are eroding our rights away one by one. We must not do this and we must not do that.

A good case in point is the smoking ban, well that has just got way out of hand. I agree no smoking in places where we eat, but now the idiots wants to ban you smoking in your own car! Now that is stretching it a bit too far. It makes you wonder what part of cloud cuckoo land their ideas come from.


David Harris
Mamta Agarwal 21 May 2008
i agree with your viewpoint. govt. has no buisness to inrefere with the choices we make. in india govt. is objecting to showing actors smoke.this is bordering on the ridiculous. why can't they focus on the real issues for a change.
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David Desantis 09 April 2008
This is the kind of writing from you that I really enjoy, argumentative yet with a point. The smoking thing is pretty ridiculous, and once a government starts infringing on ones rights more infractions are always to come. Another very good write, thanks alot for it, I'm sure I will read many more!
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Lee Degnan 02 October 2007
Yes David, we've all gone crazy. We must be, because why would our lawmakers want to take something away, unless they don't trust us enough to not hurt ourselves? I'm kidding, they really don't care about that. But what they do care about are lobbyists and who's gonna fund them a new term. I myself am a reformed smoker/ex-quitter (oh I hope Doc doesn't read THAT) and although I don't smoke in my car, I will in protest, because who the heck are they to tell me what to do in my own car? ? ? Operative word, is 'my'! ! As for the alcoholism comment and although I am not a doctor (but I play one on TV lol) , that is a disease by definition, for the ones that truly suffer from it, as I have many loved ones in my family that do. And there are many that are wanna-be alcoholics who think all they have to do is drink themselves to oblivion to be one, but rather the pattern of behavior is what separates them. But anyway, sorry for the ramble... this piece is on-point, and I adore you for shaking it up with it! Hugs, Lee
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Duncan Wyllie 03 September 2007
Their Christmas parties would have to be held outside with Jack Frost. Laughing here David, though I too think that the world has gone mad, however I am a smoker and for all the faults of the government and ourselves I can only hope that the people putting forward these ideas have the nations best interests at heart, although they must also bear in mind their own habits and ask themselves the very same question, would it be easy to give up......or.......etc.. I think not, so then, compassion, it is not the smoker who should feel condemned, say then, the smoking, a difficult line to draw from any side of the fence As usual David, a respectful piece from you, I notice that you didn't have to make those in government look like social out-casts in order to get your point across, I fear that the the same compliment was not reciprocated and yet you have not felt the need to be offensive, does that not show wisdom, I for one am impressed Love duncan X
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Well, You are right you can write pretty poetry! This piece of work however is a piece that holds much truth...and well all poetry is not pretty as you already know. I like your protest and even though I am allergic to cigarette smoke...I know this poem was more then about smoking! I know it was about rights...and Yeah even myself can relize how silly it is to ban smoking from a persons car, house or the great outdoors. Wishing you the best David =Shelley=
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Patricia Gale 23 July 2007
Amen! You have said what I have long felt. Its not just in UK, its here too.Along with trying to tax us to death in the States.
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Melvina Germain 13 July 2007
These points need to be made, I continue to do my best to point out what is happening in our society in some of my poems, I hope the word is getting out there. One must speak up as you have and not be complacent taking what is said and doing nothing about it. We are people afterall and we have our opinions and our wants and needs, we don't need to have the robots in their ivory towers place all kinds of restrictions on us. We do have a voice and if everyone were to stick together we might get something done. I too agree that smoking is detrimental to our health, but I also believe in education not legislation. Cmon folks, join us and step up to the plate and say how you feel, loud and clear. Thankyou David for such an out-spoken write, Excellent.--Melvina--
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Ah, it's all been said, and so eloquently. I add only - DAVID FOR PRIME MINISTER! ! ! ! (and obviously I don't mean Blunkett) . t x
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Francesca Johnson 05 July 2007
I am with you, David. I do agree that we shouldn't smoke in public enclosed spaces but if I am seen smoking in my car at the hospital I can get the sack! It's OK for me to go off campus at 2 in the morning (when doing night shifts) and get mugged, shot at, etc. If you look at the revenue generated from tobacco tax it far, far exceeds the cost of treating smoking-related diseases. And, wait for it, coronary heart disease is much lower in countries where people eat a sensible diet, even where the smoking rates are higher. Yes, this is according to the British Medical Association! And at times of civil and military stress, such as WWII the number of heart attacks actually fell. AND they don't tell you that smokers are less likely to suffer with Altzheimers. The Government only wants you to know what they want you to know. Right? Your writing here has stirred up a hornet's nest. I wonder what further restrictions are in store for us 'free' people? ? ? Love, Fran xxx
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David Taylor 04 July 2007
Hi David, yes they have gone mad! I totally agree with you. I'll sign up to your protest. David
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Power to the people David...10
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