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I Forgot To Mention - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I forgot to mention a lot
It's hot to plot to blot the visions
Clock derision from top
For props
This society's condition had flopped
And flipping
Itching for the venin mixed with gimmicks to stop
The permutation...
And every day I'm trying to learn the basics
So to see the truth as just the same as every word I'm saying
I forgot...
But so to strive and think through an answer
So withdrawn...
First time I had my face in a camera
What can substitute experience?
Where's the stake and the hammer?
For some people know the ropes and probably made it to glamour
But I'm not there
And still I see a change in the future
We can make it anywhere but not remaining in neutral
And or acting like I'm perfect in the eyesight of others
Make mistakes
It's okay
I'm not afraid to look stupid
For the aim and the movement
And it's true...
I'm fairly young
Ha ha
I more I learn
I'm barely dumb
But never bummed
Shapen graven images and faking persona
I can't...
It ain't legitimate and satan's curse motive
Is fake
So I'd rather stay in touch with the Light
From a nothing to becoming Oluwasgun Chidike
And I forgot to mention how I base my all on the spirit
Toss the truth at satan's seed and watch it dawn on the nearest
As for appearance?
I don't think the Lord considers that relevant
The picture ain't too different
There's some 'christians' the devil sent
The mission ain't an image or to hint as a clever man
I listen to the scripture for it's wisdom and better plans
I forgot to tell another how society's evil
No, I ain't forget
I'm just a better writer than speaker
Yes, please let my imperfections sit in the front
And just as long as there's a lesson I'll be winning anon
And father help us through oppression
Man, I write to have some clarity
For myself
'Cause this flesh will try impairing me
Something's left
Satan cannot make me carry grief
God's preparing each
Never be the same as Pharisees!
In my heart...
I feel the need for the truth
I can't sleep if I don't speak
I think my dream is a sooth
And I'm lacking everything in the future
Not disparaging at all
Aye, that change is elusive
And I think it's best to lessen to death
Because if I exalt myself for some respect in the flesh
Then I am losing
And not being
The retribution for the devil is my plot to endure
Contemplated branching off
But not the regular sense
You don't have to be involved in what already exist
Probably start a bit unpolished like spaghetti and chips
And by tomorrow it could blossom once it's ready to lift
Until I end...
And I forgot to mention my issue
Without the muse
Mental room is like I live in an igloo

Maybe, with time, I'll be a better

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