Saturday, January 4, 2003

"I Have Lived With Shades" Comments

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I have lived with shades so long,
And talked to them so oft,


Thomas Hardy
Ekerendu M Ezekiel 03 July 2016

Awesomely Nice

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* Sunprincess * 14 November 2015

............excellent write...beautifully penned with excellent imagery ?

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Andrew Hoellering 15 June 2009

I would agree with the statement, and suggest you read the following poems, all reproduced here. Beeny Cliff and At Castle Boterel (both following the death of his first wife.) When I set out for Lyonnesse. I look into my Glass. The Darkling Thrush. In Time of Breaking of Nations. Channel Firing. The Man he Killed. Men who March Away. In Tenebris.

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Andrew Fincham 20 April 2009

I've read today (? C. Tomlin's biography?) that the death of his estranged wife changed Hardy from a good to a great poet. Can anyone point me towards such poems? Thanks x

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