mona martinez

I Have Me, Myself, And I - Poem by mona martinez

I'm no longer yours,
no longer your to touch,
to be hurt by pain I didn't want,
you don't have no control over me,
and yet I act like you do,
by some of the things I do,
and some that I say,
the girl you made me,
never died inside with the abuse,
she lives on making life harder,
telling me that life is better this way,
she believes what you told her,
and it what she hangs on to,
it all she knows how to be,
she don't like that I'm learning the truth,
and that I'm fighting back,
I know there is more to life,
than thinking about sex,
and just pleasing men,
I don't have to put on an act,
just to be liked,
not being liked hurts,
but being liked for something you ain't,
that hurts more,
I'm no longer yours to have,
my body is free,
but my mind still feels trapped,
she still believe you will come back,
and save her from this hell she calls life,
it why she finds people like you,
to take care of her like you use to,
for you to love her the same way,
how sad it was that she thought you cared for her,
all you cared about was yourself,
you never loved her,
you loved the things she did for you,
it sad she haven't woken up and seen,
all the pain you put her through,
all of the lies you lead her to believe,
just to save your sorry ass,
now who left to pick up the pieces,
Me, Myself, and I.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 28, 2013

Poem Edited: Friday, March 29, 2013

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