Pilzbery Doe Boy

I Know She Likes Me - Poem by Pilzbery Doe Boy

I Know She Likes Me

I know she likes me to some extent
or else she wouldn't flirt.
She wouldn't pick me up and brush me off
she would leave me in the dirt.

We wouldnt talk or pass high fives
or any of that stuff.
We sho-nuff wouldnt sing songs like
'Rock the boat' or 'Puff'.

I dont know what im saying
its like im in a trance.
Just like this poem in an
everlasting dance.

Mabye its because I like her
or might I want to fit in?
Or mabye I want a girlfriend
that can borrow all my pens?

I dont understand it as
everything I do goes wrong.
Even when I play games like
'Ninja', 'Table Tennis', and 'Ping-Pong.

Its like the 'Cool' kids just dont except
the diversity.
Or could it be that nothing they say
can never ever hurt me?

Just because im overweight dosent mean
I dont try.
I pratice and pratice but
it seems like I cant fly.

No matter what I say or what I do
Ill never be the same.
Im always cheezing or thinking im
the best at the game.

I know its wrong but sometimes i want to use her
to fit in with the 'Cool' kids and have a girlfriend just like me.

It seems I dont fit in with anybody
from preschool-3rd grade i always shone.
I feel like that I will always be
a small group all my own.

I know its ok to be diffrent but
thats to some extent.
Ok to be a little chunky or
be as light as a feather.

But when you get teased about it
that makes you want to change.
They keep on throwing things at you
like little devils causing pain.

Wow im getting sidetracked
I must do that alot.
Im talking about my love life
not some type of robot!

I guess ill close this up with
somthing my mom said:
Sticks and stones will break my bones;
But words will never hurt me.


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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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