I Miss My Beautiful One Poem by Michael P. McParland

I Miss My Beautiful One

I miss you my beautiful one and all
the joy that you brought when I knew
that we would close every night with a beautiful talk,
when I knew that no matter what was going wrong
it would melt away when we started talking
because if it was important you would want me
to talk about it so you could either just
be there to listen or help me out if there was
ant help or advice needed
and I was always here to give you that same
loving and understanding service.
I miss you sweet Kira and our conversations
which were a blessing from heaven.

I miss you my beautiful one and the bright
hope and joy you always brought with you,
you always brightened my day and I always
tried to brighten yours by showing you
how much I loved you and cared
and by being there when you needed my dove.
I miss you my beautiful lady and being able
to tell you directly how much you mean to me
and how I treasure you deeply.
I miss my beautiful one and the talks that we had
opening up our whole lives and hearts
as we planned our future so bright
and I am excited and can't wait till we reunite.

I miss you my sweet beautiful woman
and long to be with you snuggling away
the lonely aching that fills us right now.
I miss you beautiful and want to see your smile
as I tell you I love you my Angel Kira
and then give you a kiss straight from my heart
to express the deep love and care within,
I miss you sweet one and can't wait to just sit
and apologize for all that I did wrong,
I miss you beautiful Kira and can't wait
to just hold you so tightly and dry your tears
until they have stopped running.
I miss you beautiful because you are so wonderful
and I truly love you and I want to spend eternity
walking beside you knowing true joy and fulfillment.

I Miss My Beautiful One
Saturday, November 21, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: missing you,true love
I miss you you and love you tons Kira truly. You will always be my beautiful one. ILYF
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