Friday, January 3, 2003

I Never Saw A Moor Comments

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I never saw a moor;
I never saw the sea,
Yet know I how the heather looks
And what a billow be.


Emily Dickinson
djjaka 12 October 2021

what type of genre is this poe

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john wade 17 July 2020

This is not correct: And what a billow be, is And what a wave must be. As if the checks were given, is As though a chart were given.

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Mickey 29 March 2020

Isn't it, " but know I how the heather looks and what a wave must be." ?

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joao santana 17 June 2019

In my issue, it's writen: " as if the charts were given"

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connor 28 June 2018

what? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? /

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Anonymous 01 March 2018

I can’t figure this out HELP

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Michael Everal 06 April 2013

Last night I had a dream. I won't bore you with a description of the entire dream, but during my dream, I was on a boat in the sea. It seamed like an old sail boat. On the boat with me were two women. I was sitting close to the two women overhearing their conversation. One woman said to the other (what sounded like to me) , I sawed the moor, I'm not doing that again. When I awoke in the morning, this small detail of my entire dream was stuck in my head. The statement of the woman in my dream wasn't extremely odd in itself. But the reason I remembered her statement when I awoke was that I realized I had no idea what she was talking about. I didn't know what saw a moor meant. I can honestly say that before this dream, I have never (consciously) ever heard or read the line saw a moor. I was perplexed. I thought, if my dream is created by my brain, how could such a specific statement, that I have never experienced, show up in my dream? For a few hours that morning I still didn't know what saw a moor meant. I figured it must have something to do with sailing. Later that day I googled the words and was surprised to come across Emily Dickinson's poem. I cannot remember ever reading or hearing of this poem. Until I googled it, I didn't even know what a moor was. The message of the poem was a pleasant surprise and I've taken it as a small reminder of the importance of faith.

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Armando Fadhel 03 April 2013

Pablo Neruda kicks Longfellow and Poe's butts any day. Just because he's not from the United States does not mean he can't be better than a US poet. He is South American and writes in spanish but his poems are way more alive today than any of Longfellow or Poe's poems, including The Raven.

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* Sunprincess * 15 June 2016

..............sorry, I disagree ? no poet can even touch the raven

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Andrew Quintana 19 August 2009

'WHAT A BILLOW BE' 'WHAT A WAVE MUST BE' I've seen both and I prefer the second one because of the flow. Other than that amazing poem. One of my favorites of hers.

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Soupy Pettry 20 May 2007

What a good poem about believing in god in though theres no physical signs of him.

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patrick gill 12 February 2019

so what if there is no sign of God that is what the bible is for to show us he is real and to teach us about him

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