Friday, March 2, 2007

I Refuse To Be Made The Fool Comments

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I see your face in my mind
I think of you every time
That I'm alone
And lonely


Mona Willis
Brian Jani 05 May 2014

Hahaa fantastic poem

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Valarie Paterson 12 April 2008

Wow I really enjoyed this poem, of all the poems i've read this is most definatly one of the best. Ive written a few heartbreak/unrequitted love poems and all from the heart so i understand this poem. Its truely amazing, please do keep writting great poems like this.

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Mona Willis 02 March 2007

I did not fool can't say that when you don't know the full story..the poem gives you half the story...i did not allow it cause i i didn't know it at the time sir.

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Ronald Stroman 02 March 2007

a boy will take you to the movies... a man will help you travel everywhere. you fooled you. the only thing he did... was mis-used you. which 'you' allowed.

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