Logan Spence

I Remember The Time - Poem by Logan Spence

I remember the time when people cared
I remember a time when people were open minded
A time when people would look at your artwork and say
"That is art, that is one way to express one self, that is beautiful"
There was a time when people knew art
There was a time when people had the ability to expand their minds
That time unfortunately isn't now
Now we are too blind by our own standards to understand what art truly is
We are trapped in this boring cycle that art has no way to expand
No way to find new ways to express oneself
That we are just doomed with what we have
I remember a time when art was a way to tell the world one's thoughts
I remember a time when people weren't so fucking blind
I remember one day I was sitting in my room playing Braid
As I played I looked out the window and saw the moon
And I stared at it for a while and then I looked back at Braid
Then something just struck me
I immediately ran towards my laptop and begin to feverishly type in program after program
As I continued I began to draw images that connected towards this
Strange emotion I was feeling
I didn't know what I was doing but it felt right
I felt like I was finally going to tell the world who I was and how I felt
What I believed in
What I thought about in life
What I loved
What I've learned
What I've seen
What I've experienced both the good….and the …..Bad
It took me three years but I finally did it
I finally crafted a masterpiece
A masterpiece for me to change the world through a game
A computer game
You would think after all I did to make it you'd think I'd get a little appreciation
But no, I was told that I'm just a kid
And what do I know
How could someone at my age know what art is
They laughed at me and ignored me like I wasn't worth a damn to them
I spent three years of my life to make that masterpiece
Three years
Ya know a lot can happen in 3 years
Your brother could be shipped to Iraq for war
The girl you love could go for a guy that no one has any idea why she even considered him
Your father could leave you and your mother on your birthday and never come back
Your best friend could end up in a hospital because of a drunk driver
You could be diagnosed with cancer with only a 50/50 chance of living
Well you know what?
How can someone as fake as them understand what art truly is
You see it is they who are the blind ones
It is they who don't understand what makes art so special
For their mind to be so limited
To think art is nothing more than just a painting that paints an emotion
That art is just a movie that conveys messages
That art is just a book that writes expression
That poetry is just a series of rhymes that is supposed to mean something
They are the ones who are blind
They are the ones who don't understand the meaning of art
For their ignorance is what is ruining art
It is their stubbornness to evolve that holds us back from the truth of who we are
I remember the time when….
I remember….
Ya know it doesn't matter what I remember of how things used to be
Cause I know the truth
I know what makes life so beautiful
I don't need their approval
To tell me whether or not my message is art or not
Because I know deep down that what I believe is right
And I'm going to change the world one day with that belief
I'm going to show them what a true artist can do

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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