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I Said... Beelzebub Is Cool - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I'm just trying to live right…
We treat degradation of the youth like pearls
I'm not here to degrade but to
Implement the Kingdom

I see a bunch of rules in the crooked world
And twisted values
Get unraveled since they wouldn't move
Shouldn't pearls be the things that lead the girls to higher morals?
Instead of putting ruses on the little ladies
How the bragging and the vaunts
Establishing lack of
Coupled with some backwards funk
That happens to seem exclusive here
Talk about the world 'musn't change'
Screaming Beelzebub…
But we're repping heaven
In the whirl
Sinning fizzled up
But I'm rushed again
Last time that I confronted this
Wasn't such a risk
Now the devil mixing something big against me
But I'm scripted in the vision
Of the Most High
Chose God and my commission nosedived, to society
Corinthians four four didn't lie to me
The wickedness will thrive no matter how the times you got it beat
And I can see
The sad attacks on my character
'Cause the devil really mad because I lasts and it's scaring you
Trying to lash out
But I already flashed out
And fast
How to bash what you can't see?
Spiritually, I've cashed out
So you want a chance
Talk of handguns, mashing caps, blam
Overlooking what He set down
Only Beelzebub is cool in this wicked land
So consider me a loser
Resisted his plans
Sitting on ascension to the place only wisdom stands
Only things to take are not external but within a man
For what you do you have to give an account
It doesn't matter what you knew when your spirit is out…
Who talking about this?
Who walking in route and falling about sin?
I'm calling on Mount Zion
Tell me how I'm following now trends?
I'm crawling without skin
Humble hearts inherit the Kingdom
And sure…
It's easier to cover scars by burying reason
And I grind because I'm called
I been bearing the
And the devil want us gone because it's scaring the evil
But even then
We're living on, to be absent is just with the Lord
More than you can say for the souls living with the sword
I only diss the source
Satan is hating
And Beelzebub is cool, long as you don't live giving praises
To the Lord…
So lame is good, I'm created for it
Ain't changing since He died for me
An amazing course
I ain't perfect…
But'd rather drown than to get on satan's port
If I did, things would seem great but get the same reward
When the end of the days came
And He deemed the payment for it
And ain't dumb
But the world is misinformed
Heeding false prophets
Glorifying in the sins and dissolved knowledge
The house of misery
I'm using that to bounce in
Like I'm downing Hennessey
I'm bending dreams around sin…
It ain't funny…
Like the patties where the cows live
Something went in lovely but was switched into a foul pin
And we've found wins
Conquering others
I guess the problem ain't the hate but lack of love for our brothers
We have to aim to change the page
Breaking Beelzebub's
Until then, we'll be stuck, in place, chiseled in waste
And cataclysm

Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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