I Saw Her Crying - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

Care.....you didn't have to
Kindness.......it's who you are
Tears.....I felt them sometimes falling
You didn't want me to see
It made me care for you the more

Grace.....You have a lot, you do
Though you might not see
Compassion....you had a lot for me
Understanding....you always try to see

Distance we have a lot between us
But still close we often feel
Friendship....we have much of that
and our hearts know that it is real

Do you know I've walked with you many times
Always hand in hand
Do you know I've kissed you once or twice
Near the ocean, walking with you in the sand

Do you know I've sat down next to you
When you were sad and blue
And wiped your tears and kissed your cheek
What else could I do

A friend like that we keep forever
somewhere deep inside our broken heart
And in spite of time or distance or other lives
I don't think you can ever really part

I care for you in the only way that I know how
And feel inside there could be more
But the wind is calling me, and pulling me
and sucking me toward destiny's door

People can be crass and cruel
Among them you shine like a precious jewel
You keep your feelings close to your heart
Please keep our friendship safe in your softest part

I care about you sweet darling
I know you've had to face much
And though it's a part you try to hide
I care most about the little girl inside

I wish that I could do something for her
I wish that I could make her laugh and smile
and dust off all the pain and sadness placed on her
If only for a while

Come sit with me here and close your eyes
Upon a great rock set against the twilight skies
Snuggle closer and feel the moist ocean breeze
Don't say a word...just stay by my side, if you please

If the world ever hurts you or makes you sad
If you feel alone inside and it feels endless and bad
Meet me at that imagined place and I will meet you there
Knowing somewhere in the world there is someone to care

There is a God in Heaven
Now I know more that it's true
Because I met and angel
I saw her crying the day that I met you

James T. Adair 3/20/2010

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