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I Try God Bo-Edward Lawrence - Poem by Bo Edward Lawrence

Will I ever be good enough
Will these hands ever get to majestically reason with nature about how beautiful it looks
Will my eyes ever respond to those gazes these rose peddles breath on to me
Will my people ever be satisfied with the life that prospers around our feet
and how I never noticed these grass peddles hugging the soles of my feet and the breeze whistling passed my mind
and the sun's ray has it's own Rhythm that only wants to love me
I promise Jesus
We all try
Staying up hours and hours at night with this pen at hand making blisters the size of my knuckles
Because I want to be somebody
I want to be remembered as a great man before I die Jesus before I die
I want to be bigger than Malcolm x bigger than Martin Luther King bigger than Marcus Garvey
Tupac is the Tupac of hip hop
And if Kanye is the Tupac and the Walt Disney of the fashion world
And if Obama is the man of change
Than I am the Bo-Edward Lawrence of inspiration
Do you feel me god
And when I die
When I lay my skeleton cold into the murky mud
and my souls enter the pearly gates of Zion these Rastas dreams so beautifully about
I want to sit at the round table with these men and speak tongues of intuity and the angelic language of enochian
I promise Jesus
We try To believe in things we truly can not fathom
We try to believe in you
But instead we go confidently in the direction of our nightmares
Because we ourselves fear the unknown,
we fear the black gasping abyss of darkness as much as we fear the radiant light of salvation
We fear the shadow as much as we fear the thing casting it
We fear breathing even if our lungs become filled with oxygen we still believe we cannot breath
We fear walking into the right direction when we don't give fortune of the ability to walk in any direction

But most of all we fear living even tho our hearts still rages in our chest, beating oh my my heart beats as if it was that little drummer boy.
Play on play on my heart beats to this sweet melody god plays for me
Symphonies sweet sweet as the world fills my eyes with irony
Pictures of beautiful demonism that I capture through my Instagram lens

She wanted to break away from her parents to find her vibe so she front paged on a magazine
Joined this church down the street but can't seem to get with it
Dressed like a church girl but soon decided to strip it,
found that the money she was making was so terrific
But the devil is always scheming and his points are very vivid
Because at the end of the day we all bear to witness
that she Posted in her pictures with her ass out all monolithic
next to a Bentley but ironically drives off in a Honda civic
The devil is funny but is a evil man that will give you a gun with one bullet and leave you with it

Money is proceeded as everything that you need
but as you dedicate your life to money its equivalent to eating the apple BEFORE Adam and Eve

What can the devil do for me but deceive?
We pray to this fallen angel unconsciously every day when we cloud our minds with
negativity and the desire of material things we don't need
We all must understand that If we have a spiritual heart than we shall have a spiritual soul

You see god has left us with an empowering story
Which makes us the sequel
And whenever my chest inflates to a point where I can no longer find my character he brings me as his equal
It's so beautiful how truthful you can be about your love for god with other people
But these heathens are watching like seagulls or bald eagles
That manipulate your lives through peep hole made from a needle
BUT to others these voices whispers sound of a narcoleptic having frivolous nightmares because prayers are lethal to all kinds of evil

My body is a temple and these demons can't walk through my cathedral

Whenever you feel weak of faith always ask yourself this question

When has god failed us?
When has his eyes deceived us
I'll wait?
Real eyes realize real lies

To all you young females that might be a little insecure about their self beauty I want you to hear this

Just remember with every CM of lipstick you grace your beautiful lips with or the extra foundation you may put on today because of the flaws you may have seen in that mirror yesterday!
Just know he made you this way for a reason, what is ugly to a man who makes everything beautiful

To all the young man that might struggle with insecurities and the stress and pressure to provide for theirs family

Just remember that there is no challenge he would not give you if he thought you were not capable of achieving success in it.

It doesn't matter whether you are atheist, Muslim Christian catholic, Spanish, Hispanic, black, white, Asian or even if your that different that you check the other box
we all have a soul and we all have a heart
Therefore we all share something in common
That's is beautiful
Is that not the most beautiful gift of its own?

We are beautiful flowers from the same garden,
branches of the same majestic tree.
Therefore, we are equally true, and equally imperfect.

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