Kerrie Maurer

I Wish - Poem by Kerrie Maurer

I thought you really cared
I now learned I am wrong
If I happened to die today
You wouldn’t feel a thing
You would show your sympathy
Maybe even manage to shed a tear
But it would all be an act
A show to put on like you always do
So no one would see how cruel you are
You'll play that game
just like you've always had
You’ve played this game so many times before
You’ve got it down perfect
No one suspects anything
You don’t let anything show.
None of your hatred, cruelty nothing
You haven’t noticed but since you met him
You’ve changed more than you can imagine
You hurt everyone
You care no more
You love no more
Your anger is out of control
Is it something from your past
Is it something that i did
I dont know
I’m the last person you cared about
If you decided to care
I’m the last person you'd think about
If you decided to think of me
It used to be so different
we were ok
but now you’ve changed
so much it hurts to even think about
I’ve hidden my tears
You put on your act for everyone
And they believe you
They think you nice, caring and sweet
You only come out when you’re alone
You don’t want to be the mom you really should
you spent less time with me and more with everyone else
You dont even know who i am it's sad i have to face the facts
You not a mom to me
your a person to turn me over
A person to hurt me
Break me
And tear me to pieces
i wish you were as nice as you play
I wish you were the mom i only seem to dream of having

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 28, 2013

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