Aglia Nost

I Wonder - Poem by Aglia Nost

What might life be without you? What might love feel aside you? What shall a sole be without you? I question, cry and weep, for the thought of your desire elsewhere being, makes the world's plants dry, and the kids dead nearby and my love nothing but a worthless alobi. Yet I wonder and wonder and think.

What is God? What are we? What is life? Why so cruel and dark must it be? I ask and question and think. But they say I'm too young, I' m too stupid, I'm too imature to think. Yet, recklessly, I wonder and wonder and think.

What be death? What be war? What be madness? I keep trying to speak but how can a mind of video games, porn and boredom listen? How can a being whose vains depend on insensitivity understand? How can a brick grow ears, and minds and hearts? Yet regardless of their atrocious words and their endless name calling, still I wonder and wonder and think.

Why work under idiots and pigs? Why surrender to mindless makeups and wigs? Why collide with sucessful assholes and heart ripping beings? I complain and reject and refuse, but still they think of my thoughts nothing and my words unseen. Yet, regardless, I wonder and wonder and think.

Why cease all passion? Why die an unaccomplished being? Why speak of emty relationships, quick break-ups and much awaited deaths? How can you let such hope suicide in this life's grey cliffs? How can you abandon a love so boundless, so inmost, so painfully sincere?

How can you flee and take thought and questions and talks way from me? How can be so depraved as to leave me a common, thoughtless being?

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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