Nitia Isaac

If These Walls Could Talk - Poem by Nitia Isaac

If these walls could talk,
You'd know how my body is dead,
How my mind is being taken over,
How i hear voices in my head.
Thats why Im so scared,
and I can't run away.
My anger is making me blind,
and Im stuck to a hate of some kind.

If these walls could talk,
You'd know how i feel.
How I cry so much at nite,
How this world seems unreal,
About all my waisted tears,
You'd know about the thoughts that haunt me at nite,
About all my hidden fears.

If theses walls could talk,
You'd know how hurt can bring me happiness.
How blood and tears take my sorrows away.
You'd know that I cry every nite for a better day,
How sadness and anger controls my every move.
You'd know about the scars,
and excuses of how they got there,
Or why they were even made in the first place.

If these walls could talk,
They'd tell you how I feel about you,
How I wanna do right by you;
How you cheer me up when my days worth shit,
How you make me smile when all hope is gone.

If theses walls could talk,
You'd be able to understand where Im coming from,
Or why Im the way I am.
Why I laugh when Im nervous or scared,
Why I sometimes wish I were dead,
Why I even hate myself.

But these walls cant talk,
And you'll never know,
You'll never fully understand me.
But one thing you can always say is...
That if these walls could talk,
We'd be together.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 25, 2007

Poem Edited: Sunday, February 6, 2011

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